Fire Danger PocketCards - Fuel Model G Oregon/Washington BLM



Fire Danger PocketCards - Fuel Model G

Fire Danger PocketCards

The Fire Danger PocketCard is a method of communicating information on fire danger to firefighters.  The objective is to lead to greater awareness of fire danger and subsequently increased firefighter safety.  The PocketCard provides a description of seasonal changes in fire danger in a local area. It is, therefore, useful to both local and out-of-area firefighters

The PocketCard has a very important day-today "pre-suppression" use.  When the morning and afternoon weather is read each day, the actual and predicted indices are announced.  The firefighters can reference their card and see just where they are in the range of possible values for danger-rating.  This important information should be discussed at morning crew meetings, as well as tail gate safety meetings.

Most importantly, the card provides a method for everyone involved with wildland and prescribed fire operations to communicate a common understanding of key index values provided by the National Fire Danger Rating System.

Burns North Pocket Card

Burns South Pocket Card