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2002 Fire Activity Oregon/Washington BLM



2002 Fire Activity

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Wildfire Activity
Start Date Fire Name Incident Number Agency Legal Location Size Cause
5/9/02 Sod House OR-MAR-2056 FWS T27 R31 S6 Near Old Sod House Ranch 300 Human
6/3/02 Ewing Stump OR-BFZ-2073 FS T17 R33 S29 Campground .1 Human
6/5/02 Rim Rock Springs OR-BFZ-2078 FS T20 R30 S15 W of Rim Rock Springs 5 Lightning
6/26/02 Diamond Craters OR-BUD-2117 BLM T28 R32 S19 12 miles N Frenchglen 71 Lightning
6/26/02 #2118 OR-BUD-2118 BLM T22 R31 S9   1.5 Lightning
6/26/02 Stinger Creek OR-BFZ-2119 FS T20 R28 S27   .1 Lightning
6/27/02 #2120 OR-BUD-2120 BLM T21 R34 S29   .1 Lightning
6/27/02 Snow Spring OR-BFZ-2123 FS T18 R27 S32   .01 Lightning
6/27/02 Pine Creek OR-BUD-2125 BLM T20 R33 S36   4 Lightning
6/27/02 Benjamin OR-BUD-2127 BLM T30 R33 S28   .25 Lightning
7/6/02 Blackrock OR-BFZ-2149 FS T20 R32 S13 Above Haystack Meadows .5 Human
7/7/02 ISA OR-BUD-2157 BLM T20 R35 S9 Market Rd., W of Drewsey 2 Lightning
7/7/02 Eagle Pitcher OR-BUD-2152 BLM T19 R37 S20 Eagle Pitcher Mine 50 Lightning
7/7/02 Bridge Creek OR-BFZ-2154 FS T17 R32 S27 Bridge Creek Meadows 16 Lightning
7/9/02 Slokumm OR-BUD-2161 BLM T25 R36 S8 Venator 2296 Lightning
7/13/02 ORA OR-BUD-2174 BLM T31 R31 S34 P. Hill .1 Lightning
7/14/02 Skull Creek OR-BUD-2185 BLM T21 R29 S14 8 miles N of Burns 2 Lightning
7/14/02 Little Indian OR-BUD-2190 BLM T34 R33 S8   .1 Lightning
7/14/02 Harvey OR-BFZ-2192 FS T21 R27 S35 12 miles N of Riley 3 Lightning
7/14/02 Elephant Butte OR-BFZ-2193 FS T20 R33 S30 8 miles NW of Buchanan 10 Lightning
7/14/02 Fall Creek OR-BFZ-2194 FS T19 R28 S9 6 miles N of Sugarloaf Lookout 1.25 Lightning
7/14/02 Warm Springs OR-BUD-2195 BLM T21 R35 S25 12 miles E of Buchanan 68 Lightning
7/14/02 #2196 OR-BUD-2196 BLM T35 R33 S27 Andrews 1 Lightning
7/14/02 Long Hollow OR-BUD-2199 BLM T37 R32.5 S11 Long Hollow 1 Lightning
7/14/02 10 cent Lake OR-BUD-2200 BLM T25 R27 S19 21 miles E of Diamond 65 Lightning
7/14/02 Red Point OR-BUD-2201 BLM T40 R36 S30 S of Fields .25 Lightning
7/14/02 Baker Pass OR-BUD-2204 BLM T29 R37 S5   36 Lightning
7/14/02 Silver Lake OR-BUD-2209 BLM T25 R27 S19 16 miles E of Wagontire 150 Lightning
7/14/02 Abraham OR-BFZ-2210 FS T20 R32 S33 Abraham Spring .1 Lightning
7/15/02 Carlson Creek OR-BUD-2214 BLM T36 R33 S5 7 miles N of Fields 3 Lightning
7/15/02 Juniper Ridge OR-BUD-2211 BLM T24 R26 S14 5 miles SW of Riley .08 Lightning
7/17/02 Camp Creek OR-BUD-2222 BLM T28 R35 S34 6 miles E of Riddle Lookout 2 Lightning
7/22/02 Oliver North OR-MAR-2237 FWS T R S Malheur Refuge .75 Lightning
7/23/02 #2241 OR-BFZ-2241 FS T22 R27 S8 2 miles W of Dry Mountain .01 Lightning
7/24/02 Swamp Creek OR-BUD-2244 BLM T29 R32 S24 Diamond Valley 320 Lightning
7/25/02 Smokers OR-BUD-2246 BLM T36 R33 S21 5 miles S of Andrews 2 Human
8/05/02 #2263 OR-BUD-2263 BLM T18 R34 S35 5 miles E of Otis Mountain .01 Lightning
8/09/02 Hammond Hay OR-BUD-2274 BLM T30 R32 S30 3 miles E of Krumbo Butte 1 Human
8/11/02 Bald Green Butte OR-BFZ-2278 FS T21 R28 S31 17 miles W/NW of Burns 89 Human
8/13/02 Camp Trailer OR-BUD-2282 BLM T39 R37 S13 Near Andrews .1 Human
8/19/02 Hollister OR-BUD-2295 BLM T41 R35 S7 Oregon/Nevada Border 2 Lightning
8/23/02 #2303 OR-BFZ-2303 FS T20 R25 S31 Buck Springs Campground .1 Lightning
8/27/02 Sod House #2 OR-MAR-2308 FWS T27 R31 S10 Malheur Refuge 12.3 Lightning
8/27/02 Oliver OR-MAF-2309 FWS T28 R31 S35 Malheur Refuge 865.7 Lightning
8/30/02 Undershot OR-BFZ-2313 FS T19 R30 S25 E of Pipe Clamp Spring .1 Lightning
8/30/02 Luck OR-BUD-2315 BLM T21 R29 S35 Skull Creek .1 Lightning
8/30/02 Driveby OR-BUD-2316 BLM T22 R29 S5 1 mile E of Sagadore Spring .1 Lightning
8/30/02 Timmy OR-BUD-2317 BLM T39 R36 S6 4 miles N of Trout Creek Ranch .1 Lightning
8/30/02 #2318 OR-BUD-2318 BLM T20 R30 S21 Lone Pine Rd. .1 Lightning
8/30/02 #2322 OR-BUD-2322 BLM T19 R35 S23 Otis Valley .1 Lightning
8/30/02 Hiker OR-BUD-2326 BLM T35 R32 S2 Home Creek .1 Lightning
8/30/02 Home Creek Bluff OR-BUD-2328 BLM T35 R32 S11 Home Creek .1 Lightning
8/30/02 #2329 OR-BFZ-2329 FS T19 R33 S21 8 miles NE of Calamity Lookout .1 Lightning
8/30/02 #2324-Natural Out OR-BUD-2324 BLM T27 R31 S7 W of Malheur Field Station .1 Lightning
8/31/02 #2331 OR-BFZ-2331 FS T18 R33 S15 1710 Road Area .1 Lightning
8/31/02 Johnny OR-BUD-2332 BLM T35 R32 S11 E of Pipe Clamp Spring .1 Lightning
9/14/02 Black Spot OR-BUD-2348 BLM T24 R35 S20 Stinkingwaters - Rooster Comb .1 Human
9/14/02 Big Black Spot OR-BUD-2349 BLM T24 R35 S20 Stinkingwaters - Rooster Comb .1 Lightning
9/14/02 #2350 OR-BUD-2350 BLM T24 R35 S20 Stinkingwaters - Rooster Comb .1 Human
9/14/02 #2351 OR-BUD-2351 BLM T24 R35 S20 Stinkingwaters - Rooster Comb .1 Human
9/15/02 Mahogany OR-BFZ-2353 FS T21 R27 S23 Egypt Well .1 Lightning
9/16/02 Finally Got One OR-BFZ-2356 FS T18 R33 S18 17 Road, N of Calamity Lookout .3 Human
9/16/02 Long Springs OR-BFZ-2357 FS T18 R33 S18 17 Road, N of Calamity Lookout 4 Human
9/30/02 #2367 OR-BFZ-2367 FS T18 R33 S31 Near Rock Springs .1 Human
10/08/02 Tiny Tim Fire OR-BFZ-2374 FS T19 R26 S29 Near D Lake 4.1 Human
10/26/02 Hillbilly OR-BUD-2389 BLM T26 R30 S7 Near Double "O" .1 Human
11/04/02 Perry Meadows OR-BFZ-2394 FS T21 R35 S10 Perry Meadows .25 Human
11/04/02 Anthony OR-BFZ-2397 FS T20 R25 S20 Near Allison 4 Human
11/04/02 TMP Fire OR-BFZ-2398 FS T21 R25 S18 Near Allison 5 Human
11/05/02 Donnelly Camp OR-BFZ-2400 FS T19 R26 S25 Near Donnelly Camp .1 Human
11/05/02 #2401 OR-BFZ-2401 FS T20 R27 S10   .1 Human
11/05/02 #2402 OR-BFZ-2402 FS T20 R27 S08   .1 Human
11/06/02 E. Fork Wolf Creek OR-BFZ-2405 FS T17 R33 S36 E. Fork Wolf Creek 15 Human
11/07/02 Baby Fire OR-BFZ-2406 FS T20 R25 S16 Near Baby's Grave .1 Human
11/07/02 #2407 OR-BFZ-2407 FS T21 R32 S23   .1 Human
11/07/02 #2409 OR-BFZ-2409 FS T20 R26 S21   3.2 Human
11/07/02 #2410 OR-BFZ-2410 FS T21 R32 S16   .1 Human
11/08/02 #2414 OR-BFZ-2414 FS T20 R32 S26   .1 Human
11/08/02 #2415 OR-BFZ-2415 FS T20 R33 S36   .1 Human
TOTAL 80 FIRES         4422.06