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Mojave-Southern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
Friday, October 22, 2004
Grand Ballroom D, Riviera Hotel and Casino

Resource Advisory Council members present and category represented:
Dr. John E. Hiatt, Wildlife
Robert Maichle, Environment
Claire Toomey, Permitted Recreation
John Weisser, Dispersed Recreation
Billie Young, Wild Horse & Burro
Dr. Colleen Beck, Archeology/Historic
Marta Agee, Ranching/Grazing
Steve Mellington, Public at Large (vice-Chair)
Joni Eastley, Elected Official
Dr. Steve Parker, Academic/UNLV

Resource Advisory Council members absent:
Jerry Helton, Transportation/Row (Chair)
Kenny Anderson, Native American
Mark N. Ioli, Mineral Development

Bureau of Land Management representatives present:
Gene Kolkman, BLM Ely Field Office Mgr
Stephanie Connolly, BLM Ely Field Office Associate Field Mgr
Chris Hanefeld, BLM Ely Field Office PAO
Mark Morse, BLM Las Vegas Field Office Manager
Angie Lara, BLM Las Vegas Field Office Assoc. Mgr
Gerald Smith, Battle Mt Field Office Mgr
Karen Eller, BLM Tonopah Field Station PAO
Public Attendees:
There was no one from the public in attendance.

A copy of each attachment is listed in the text of or at the end of these minutes and is also on file with the official copy of the minutes in the Ely Field Office of the BLM. Persons desiring to review said minutes should contact Chris Hanefeld, public affairs specialist, at (775) 289-1842.
8:05 a.m. Steve Mellington, chairperson, called the meeting to order. He reviewed the agenda.
Mark Morse announced that he is retiring in January of 2005. He said the RAC has given the BLM credibility to have good relations with groups that might otherwise be in contention.
9 a.m. Establishment of FY 2005 priorities:
Steve asked for suggestions for 2005 agenda issues.
After brainstorming, Steve stated that in 2004 this RAC did a lot of things, discussed a lot of issues, but didn’t really accomplish very much. This year he would like to give priority to a few issues. This would give the group the ability focus on these issues and make sure that the RAC accomplishes these tasks. Everyone agreed.
Angie suggested developing workable models. Brief discussion ensued regarding volunteerism.
The following were decided to be FY 2005 issues:
--BLM Public interaction (improve BLM use and understanding of volunteers – develop practice program)  
      public outreach (environmental education)
      volunteer program
      Positioning for demographic change
      Site stewardship
      Wilderness planning
--Land Mgmt planning
      Ely RMP
      Sloan Canyon Planning Process
      Wilderness planning
      LCCRDA (Lincoln County Conservation Recreation and Development Act)
      Wind and other alternative energy sources
--OHV issues
      Route Designations
      Impacts to other recreational uses
      Transportation Planning
      Permitted events and related issues
      Public education/outreach
--Water - Rural to urban transfers
--Ecosystem Health
      Sage Grouse / Sage Brush
      Large Ungulates (Lincoln County Elk)
      Invasive Species (flora/fauna)
      Soils Studies & Monitoring
      Range Improvements
      Increased demands/conflicts (equestrians, OHV, hikers, etc)
      Retention of open space
      Proactive education, interpretation and protection of historic and cultural sites
      Establishing , Achieving and Maintaining AML
      Herd Mgmt techniques, maintaining healthy herds
      Mitigating resource damage
      USFS wild horses
--Information Items
      Status of range improvements
      Backlog, accomplishments and approvals/denials
      Red Rock Canyon
--SNPLMA review (info on what members are voting on)
      Project List, Schedule and Ranking
9:50 a.m. Out of the above, it was decided that the following were the top 5 priorities:
Public & BLM interaction
Land Mgmt Planning
Water transfers
10:00 a.m. Establishment of FY 2005 meeting dates/locations.
January 20-21 – Las Vegas, at Red Rock
April 14-15 - Caliente
June TBA - Ely
August 11-12 – Tonopah
10: 15 a.m. Election of officers for FY 2005.
Dr. John Hiatt nominated Steve Mellington as Chair, Dr. Colleen Beck second. All voted in favor. Joni Eastley moved to close the vote.
Dr. Colleen Beck nominated John Hiatt as Vice Chairman, Joni Eastley second.
Billie Young nominated Jerry Helton as Vice Chairman, Steve Mellington second.
The members voted 6 to 3 for John Hiatt as Vice Chairman.
10:40 a.m. Review and approval of previous meeting’s minutes: Steve Mellington, chairperson.
Dr. John Hiatt made a motion to approve the minutes, Bob Maichle second. All approved.
John Weisser commented on quality of the minutes. Bob Maichle agreed.
10:45 a.m. Bob Maichle made the motion to adjourn, John Weisser second. All were in favor.
- There being no further business, Steve Mellington recessed the meeting at 10:45 a.m.
/s/ Steve Mellington, Chair, January 20, 2005

Mojave-Southern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council
-Minutes provided by Karen M. Eller, BLM Tonopah Field Station -

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