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Environmental Education

Environmental Education

The Vision

Public participation in BLM environmental education programs will lead to healthier and more productive ecosystems and to better educate citizens willing to assist the BLM in solving and preventing complex environmental problems on public lands.

Noxious Weeds & Invasive Species of non-native plants on both private and public lands becomes more burdensome every year.  Weeds such as cheat grass and leafy spurge are almost impossible to eradicate.  It will take cooperative management from landowners, and local, state and federal agencies to stop the spread of these invasive plants.

Kids Guide & Activity Books

Nevada Adventure Book  

Nevada Adventure Book Junior Explorer

Junior Explorer Nevada PinThe NEW Nevada Adventure Book for Junior Explorers features stories, activities and games about interesting BLM sites all around the State. Once you finish reading the book and completing all the activities, you can take the completed book to any BLM Nevada office, sign the Junior Explorer pledge and receive an official BLM Nevada Junior Explorer pin.

Wilderness Ranger Junior Explorer Book

Kids Guide & Activity Book to Eastern Nevada Wilderness

Red Rock Canyon Junior Explorer Discovery Book

 Wilderness Junior Explorer 

Eastern Nevada Wilderness Book
8.5" x 11" (49 pages; 10.5 MB)
17" x 10" (24 pages; 11.7 MB) 

Red Rock Canyon NCA 
Junior Explorer

Wild Horses & Burro Junior Explorer Activity Book

Elko Californina Trail Interpretive Center Junior Explorer

Elko District Junior Explorer Adventure Handbook

  Wild Horses and Burros
 Junior Explorer

 Elko California Trail Center 
Junior Explorer

Elko District 
Junior Explorer

Teachers Guide

Native Plants Teaching Guide

Wilderness Learning & Activity Guide

Native Plants

Wonder into Wilderness