Wildlife Habitat Management

Sagebrush Ecosystem

The sagebrush ecosystem is home to unique plant and wildlife species, and is very important to the overall ecological health of much of Nevada. Many birds and mammals depend on sagebrush habitat for survival. In the last century, changes caused by livestock grazing, conversion of lands to agriculture, the introduction of exotic plant species, and wildland fire have altered and fragmented sagebrush vegetative communities throughout the Intermountain West. The loss of sagebrush habitat is negatively affecting numerous species that depend on sagebrush ecosystems for all or part of their existence including greater sage-grouse as well as pygmy rabbits, mule deer and golden eagles. Other examples of sagebrush dependent species include sage sparrow, ferruginous hawks, Brewer's sparrow and sage thrasher.


Photo by Jeremy R. Roberts, Conservation Media

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