Nevada Wild Horses & Burros
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Wild Horse and Burro Volunteer Program

BLM Nevada is responsible for managing about half the nation’s wild horses and burros within 84 herd management areas comprising 14.7 million acres of public land.
Volunteers Can Help
Volunteers can help BLM Nevada to accomplish our wild horse and burro management mission. As a volunteer, you will represent the BLM and are subject to all applicable BLM rules and regulations.  Specialized training/certification, experience or background checks may be required for some volunteer positions.  
Volunteer Requirements
To be a volunteer, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, have no citations or convictions for inhumane treatment of animals, and a valid driver’s license. Individuals who are not citizens of the United States may have additional special requirements.
If you are under age 18, the approval of your parents (or guardian) is required. Volunteers under age 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian and are not allowed to work directly with horses or burros. Volunteers under age 16 may not work with power tools or operate equipment.
To be a BLM volunteer, an approved Volunteer Agreement is required. Work is performed at BLM’s request. 
Volunteer Opportunities
A variety of volunteer opportunities are available to individuals interested in assisting BLM Nevada with our wild horse and burro program. Included are opportunities to:
  • volunteer at the Palomino Valley National Adoption Center near Sparks
  • assist as an ambassador for Nevada’s Adopt-a-Horse or Burro Program
  • help market and promote Nevada adoption events
  • assist with adoption compliance (pre- and post-adoption compliance inspections)
  • mentor current or prospective adopters
  • assist with public education or outreach
  • provide temporary care or gentle/train wild horses or burros
  • assist with on-the-ground range management 
Your volunteer duties will be based on a combination of your experience and areas of interest and BLM’s need to accomplish specific work.  Specific duties will be outlined in your Volunteer Agreement. 
Reimbursing Volunteers for Expenses
Provided that funding is available, wild horse and burro program volunteers may be reimbursed for mileage, per diem (meals or lodging), or other expenses incurred when work is performed at BLM’s request.
Volunteer Safety
A volunteer's safety is of utmost importance to BLM. Pre-certification by the responsible Field Office Wild Horse and Burro Specialist is a mandatory requirement for volunteers who will be operating BLM equipment or handling wild horses or burros. A risk analysis assessment specific to these duties is also required. Volunteers are required to follow specific procedures outlined in the risk assessment at all times. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of the volunteer agreement. 

Specialized Training
The Wild Horse and Burro Volunteer Orientation Training Module is a requirement for all potential Nevada Wild Horse and Burro Program Volunteers. Wild Horse and Burro Program Volunteers who will be conducting pre-and post-adoption compliance inspections must also complete BLM Nevada Adoption Compliance Training and pass the training exam prior to being certified by BLM to conduct compliance inspections. Other specialized training such as defensive driving, first aid/CPR, or conduct and ethics training may be required for some volunteer positions.

To Learn More
Contact one of the following individuals:

Office Location
Telephone Number
Nevada State Office
Rochelle Urquhart
State Volunteer Coordinator
(775) 861-6588 
Nevada State Office
Alan Shepherd
Wild Horse and Burro Program State Lead
(775) 861-6469
Palomino Valley Center
Jeremy Wilhelm
WH&B Volunteer Coordinator
(775) 475-2222
Battle Mountain
Shawna Richardson
Austin Brewer
Wild Horse and Burro Program Specialists
(775) 635-4181
(775) 482-7832
Carson City
John Axtell
Wild Horse and Burro Program Specialist
(775) 885-6146
Bruce Thompson
Wild Horse and Burro Program Specialist
(775) 753-0286
Ben Noyes
Ruth Thompson
Wild Horse and Burro Program Specialists
(775) 289-1836
(775) 289-1826
Southern Nevada
Krystal Johnson
Wild Horse and Burro Program Specialist
(702) 515-5171

Garrett Swisher
Shannon Gooch

Wild Horse and Burro Program Specialists
(775) 623-1534
(775) 623-1519

Last updated: 02-01-2016