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2016 BLM Nevada Photo Contest

 Accepting submissions now through Aug. 31, 2016.

 TravelNevada and Nevada Magazine GRAND PRIZE Awards:

  • FIRST PLACE PRIZE: Admission to the Nevada Northern Railway Steam Spectacular, held annually in Ely each January 
  •  SECOND PLACE PRIZE: Two VIP Pit Passes to Reno Air Races, held annually in Reno each September 
  • THIRD PLACE PRIZE: Nevada Swag Bag—includes one year subscription to Nevada Magazine, Historical Nevada book, Geko Garmin GPS device, TravelNevada Visitor Guide, Nevada State Map, Don’t Fence Me In Luggage Tag, TravelNevada lip balm/bottle opener/mints, Red Rock NCA poster, Wild Horse/Burro iPhone charger with wall plug, Wild Horse/Burro sunglasses cleaner

Winners will be announced by September 7, 2016



People exploring Nevada—Share photos of your favorite activites and adventures on BLM lands across Nevada. Whether that be volunteering, working, camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, kayaking, skiing, climbing or riding…you name your adventure. >>Don’t forget new people you may come across while exploring; capturing true Nevada characters in their own element will be considered as well.

Weird & Wild—Take a walk on the wild side with photos of Wildlife, Wilderness and Wildflowers! 
Employee—BLM/TravelNevada employees can submit their photos for a special employee category. ***Employees will not be eligible for this year's prizes***


All photos must be taken on the lands or within the facilities of the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada. The good news?

A stunning 87 percent of Nevada is comprised of BLM land, so the sky is the limit. Get creative with the unquantifiable opportunities that beg to be photographed in Nevada. 


  •  Photographs must be taken between January 1, 2014 and Aug. 31, 2016.

 How to Submit

 Photo Guidelines

  • BLM Nevada and TravelNevada assumes all rights to your photo once submission has been sent.
  • Only submit photos that you have personally taken
  • Anyone in the photo must know they are in the photo and must have given written consent to appear in the image. 

    Photo requirements:

  • Must be formatted to JPEG
  • Please ensure that the photo is 300dpi or at least 5 MB or larger with a high resolution. [Winning photos must work in print.]
  • MUST have photo descriptions formatted as follows:
    Image: Desert Tortoise
    Location: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
    BLM District [if known]: Southern Nevada District
    Photographer: John Doe

Photos will be judged on the following criteria:

(1) originality, (2) artistic composition, (3) technical quality, (4) photographic technique, and (5) whether the photograph showcases the best of BLM Nevada’s recreational opportunities

BLM + TravelNevada – NEW! 
Along with your submission for 2016’s contest, BLM Nevada has partnered with TravelNevada. We are interested in hearing the journey you engaged in to capture the photo you’re submitting for consideration. In order to be considered, please accompany the following [in addition to your photo description] with your submission:

  • Tell us about how you captured the photo! In 250 words minimum, please help us understand what went into your photo experience by answering the following:
  • How long have you been a photographer? Are these the types of photos that you typically shoot, or is this going outside your comfort zone?
  • Describe the location. What was your experience like here? Have you been here before? If it’s not your first time here, why did you return? What do you like about the location?
  • Was your shot planned? If it was taken on a whim, describe how you managed to catch it. If it was planned out, what went into the planning? How did you capture such a beautiful shot?
  • Describe the setting—take us into the photo experience with you. Smells, tastes, weather?
  • Did anyone come with you on your photo adventure, or were you alone?
  • What settings did you use to capture the photo? [F-stop? Shutter? ISO? Remote cable release? Time Lapse?]

Who's Eligible to Enter

  • Legal residents of the United States and DC, and at least 13 years of age or older as of May 1, 2015.
  • Photographs must be taken by you and you must have the rights to the photo.

What to Do

  • Enjoy your experience and share it with us!
  • Tell your friends
  • Share your submission on Facebook or Twitter using #MyPublicLands

What Not to Do

  • Don't break any laws or rules of federal lands.
  • Don't do anything unsafe.
  • Don't photograph anything that is inappropriate, indecent or obscene!