Meadow Valley Wash

Meadow Valley Wash Water Rights 


In 2000 the Moapa Valley Water District (MVWD) filed water rights applications in Meadow Valley Wash for use at a power plant (for cooling purposes) at the Meadow Valley Generating Company.  The water would be used in this capacity for 25 years, and thereafter would be used for municipal and domestic purposes in MVWD's service area.  Also included were change applications filed by Robert and Vivian Lewis, et al. to change the place of use for several water rights.


The Nevada State Engineer (NSE) held a hearing on the Meadow Valley Wash water applications in February 2002. There were a total of 24 applications, totaling 4,550 afy. There were several protests, including those filed by BLM and the National Park Service (NPS).  BLM, NPS, and the MVWD negotiated and Stipulated Agreement and BLM and NPS withdrew their protests. The Agreement has the common goal of managing development of the groundwater in the Area of Interest without causing unreasonable adverse impacts to the federal rights and resources.  

Stipulated Agreement Monitoring Plans

The Monitoring, Management, and Mitigation Plan was appended to the Meadow Valley Wash Stipulated Agreement (Exhibit A).  The main points are summarized below:

Monitoring Requirements

  • MVWD is required to record discharge and water levels in their production wells in Meadow Valley Wash.
  • Water levels will be monitored in each aquifer from which groundwater is withdrawn.
  • MVWD will locate and construct a monitoring well in the regional Paleozoic carbonate aquifer near Rox and a monitoring well in the alluvial aquifer near the Hoya siding.  All water levels will be monitored for at least a year prior to, and at least a year following, start up of the Meadow Valley Generating Project.
  • Stream discharge in Meadow Valley Wash will be measured both up and down gradient of the proposed production well field.
  • MVWD will collect water quality samples for a year prior to and two years following the start up of the Meadow Valley Wash Generating Project.
  • MVWD will monitor soil moisture in wetlands areas near the Rox gage.
Meadow Valley Wash NSE Ruling

On October 24, 2002 the NSE issued a ruling on the Meadow Valley Wash Applications (NSE Ruling 5167) in which MVWD was granted a total of 3,802 afy. 

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