Tuffy Ranch (Lake Valley)

Tuffy Ranch (Lake Valley) Water Rights 


In 2005 the Tuffy Ranch Properties, LLC (Tuffy Ranch) submitted change applications in Lake Valley as part of a proposed project to move water to the Lincoln County side of the Coyote Springs development area north of Las Vegas.  A portion of these water rights may be conveyed by the Lincoln County Water District (LCWD) in the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) groundwater conveyance pipeline.  An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is currently being prepared for this right-of-way. The applications were for a change in both place of use (from Lake Valley to Coyote Spring Valley) and manner of use (from irrigation and domestic to municipal and domestic).


The Nevada State Engineer (NSE) held a hearing on Tuffy Ranch's Lake Valley water applications in March 2008. There were a total of 53 applications, totaling 20,231 afy. BLM filed a protest, which was later withdrawn after negotiating the Tuffy Ranch Stipulated Agreement with Tuffy Ranch Properties, LLC. The Agreement has the common goal of managing development of the regional carbonate rock and overlying basin-fill aquifer systems as a water resource without causing injury to BLM water rights and/or unreasonable adverse impacts to BLM water-related resources.  The Agreement requires completion and implementation of a Hydrologic Monitoring, Management, and Mitigation Plan.  

Tuffy Ranch (Lake Valley) NSE Ruling

On December 3, 2008 the NSE issued a ruling on Tuffy Ranch's Lake Valley Applications (NSE Ruling 5918) in which Tuffy Ranch was granted a total of 11,300 afy to export from Lake Valley. 

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