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Kane Springs Valley Groundwater Development Project EIS Record of Decision

The Record of Decision (ROD) is a written public record identifying and explaining the reasoning for the decision on the Proposed Action.  The ROD must include:

  • The decision that is made
  • The reason for the decision, including a discussion of the factors that the decision-maker must balance when coming to a conclusion (such as economic and technical factors, the mission of the agency, laws and regulations affecting the decision, and consideration of national policies)
  • The alternatives that were considered
  • Identification of environmentally preferable alternative(s)
  • Mitigation measures that were proposed in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and are now adopted into the Record of Decision; if mitigation measures are not adopted, the reasoning should be explained in the ROD
  • Explanation of any monitoring and enforcement program(s) that is adopted into the ROD

The Kane Springs Valley Groundwater Development Project EIS ROD was signed on November 19, 2008. Information about the availability of the ROD was also provided to local media in an official BLM news release.


The record of decision can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

You may also request to have a paper copy or CD of the ROD mailed to you from the BLM Nevada Groundwater Projects Office.  Please call 775-861-6681 for more information or send a request to nvgwprojects@blm.gov

Please click here for information on how to appeal a decision

Last updated: 05-01-2009