BLM Nevada Geospatial Data

The data available through this site is for the geographic area of Nevada. The data is available in zipped/compressed ArcGIS 10.xx file geodatabase and shapefile formats. (Some data is only available as a shapefile.)

* All files have metadata when viewed through ArcGIS software (or other compatible software). 

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Data Description

Download Type / File Size


 NV 1:100,000 Quad Index

 GDB/54 kb         SHP/25 kb


 NV 1:100,000 Roads

 GDB/1.8 mb       SHP/2.4 mb


 NV 1:24,000 Quad Index

 GDB/17.8 mb     SHP/24.9 mb


 NV Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)

 GDB/186 kb       SHP/166 kb


 NV BLM District Boundaries

 GDB/335 Kb       SHP/384 Kb


 NV BLM Field Office Boundaries

 GDB/671 Kb       SHP/756 Kb


 NV County Boundaries

 GDB/181 Kb       SHP/269 Kb


 NV Fire History 1910 - 1999

 GDB/1.8 mb       SHP/8.5 mb


 NV Fire History 2000 - 2015

 GDB/4.6 mb       SHP/8.9 mb


 NV Geothermal Sales Parcels 2010 - 2014 GDB/123 kb       SHP/130 kb


 NV Geothermal Lease Sale Parcels October 2016 GDB 93 Kb         SHP 55 kb


 NV Grazing Allotments

 GDB/2.2 mb       SHP/2.3 mb


 NV Herd Areas

 GDB/573 kb       SHP/666 kb


 NV Herd Management Areas

 GDB/450 kb       SHP/496 kb


 NV Land Ownership

 GDB/4.3 mb       SHP/5.8 mb


 NV Land Use Planning Boundaries

 GDB/1.2 mb       SHP/1.3 mb


 NV National Conservation Areas and Monuments

 GDB/183 kb       SHP/183 kb


 NV Authorized Geothermal Lease Parcels 2016 GDB/1.1 mb       SHP/744 kb


 NV Oil and Gas Ely District Final Sale Parcels 2014                SHP/33 kb


 NV Oil and Gas Ely District Final Sale Parcels 2015                SHP/8 kb


 NV Oil and Gas Battle Mountain District Preliminary Sale Parcels 2015                SHP/67 kb


 NV Oil and Gas Elko District Preliminary Sale Parcels 2016                SHP/28 kb


 NV Oil and Gas Elko District Final Sale Parcels 2015                SHP/16 kb


 NV Oil and Gas Battle Mountain District Final Sale Parcels 2016                SHP/23 kb


 NV PLSS (CADNSDI Version 2)

 GDB/276 mb      SHP/284 mb


 NV Resource Advisory Council Boundaries

 GDB/66 Kb         SHP/69 Kb


 NV Rangeland Improvement Project System (RIPS) GDB/2 mb          SHP/2.6 mb


 NV State Boundary

 GDB/44 Kb         SHP/35 Kb


 NV Wilderness Areas

 GDB/1.4 mb       SHP/1.7 mb


 NV Wilderness Study Areas

 GDB/656 Kb       SHP/716 Kb


Nevada and Northeastern California Greater Sage-Grouse

Approved Land Use Plan Amendment EIS Data

NOTE:  Inquiries about this GIS data can be directed to Leisa Wesch: 775-861-6421 or  
Questions about U.S. Forest Service GIS data related to the Greater Sage Grouse Plan can be directed to Tim Love,

 Data Description

 Download .shp / File Size


NVCA_ARMPA_Fluid_Minerals_ClosedNVCA ARMPA Fluid Minerals Closed / 1.5 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Fluid_Minerals_Open_Major_StipsNVCA ARMPA Fluid Minerals Open Major Stips / 1.5 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Fluid_Minerals_Open_Moderate_StipsNVCA ARMPA Fluid Minerals Open Moderate Stips / 2.6 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_GRSG_HabitatNVCA ARMPA GRSG Habitat / 12.5 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_GRSG_Habitat_BLM_OnlyNVCA ARMPA GRSG Habitat BLM Only / 9.6 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_LandTenure_DisposalNVCA ARMPA Land Tenure Disposal / 45 kb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Livestock_Grazing_UnavailableNVCA ARMPA Livestock Grazing Unavailable / 33 kb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Locatables_Existing_WithdrawalNVCA ARMPA Locatables Existing Withdrawal / 1.2 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Locatables_Recommended_WithdrawalNVCA ARMPA Locatables Recommended Withdrawal / 177 kb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Major_ROW_AvoidanceNVCA ARMPA Major ROW Avoidance / 4.2 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Major_ROW_ExclusionNVCA ARMPA Major ROW Exclusion / 3 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Mineral Material_Sales_ClosedNVCA ARMPA Mineral Materials Sales Closed / 2.3 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Minor_ROW_AvoidanceNVCA ARMPA Minor ROW Avoidance / 1.5 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Minor_ROW_ExclusionNVCA ARMPA Minor ROW Exclusion / 1 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_NonEnergy_ClosedNVCA ARMPA NonEnergy Closed / 3.7 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Planning_AreaNVCA ARMPA Planning Area / 57 kb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Sagebrush_Focal_Area (SFA)NVCA ARMPA Sagebrush Focal Area (SFA) / 177 kb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Solar_ExclusionNVCA ARMPA Solar Exclusion / 3 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Trails_and_Travel_Mgmt_ClosedNVCA ARMPA Trails and Travel Mgmt Closed / 1 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Trails_and_Travel_Mgmt_LimitedNVCA ARMPA Trails and Travel Mgmt Limited / 3 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Wind_AvoidanceNVCA ARMPA Wind Avoidance / 2.6 mb9/22/2015
NVCA_ARMPA_Wind_ExclusionNVCA ARMPA Wind Exclusion / 1.4 mb9/22/2015