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June 19, 2007SRCE-based Reclamation Cost Model With Calculators  
 For Notice-Level Exploration  FY 2007 Model Version 2.0
Linear Feet of RoadLinear       
On a Side SlopeFeet Labor CostManpowerEquipmentMaterialsCost/Linear FootRoad Reclamation
<30%2,000Recontouring Cost <30%$210$0.11 $0.13 $0.00 $0.24 $476
>30%2,000Recontouring Cost >30%$568$0.28 $0.36 $0.00 $0.64 $1,283
        Pad& Sump
Drill Sites and SumpsNumber  ManpowerEquipmentMaterialsCost eachReclamation
Drill Sites < 30% slopes5Recontouring Cost$170$34.00$42.80$0.00$76.80$384
Drill Sites > 30% slopes5Recontouring Cost$545$109.00$137.00$0.00$246.00$1,230
Drill Sites Cross Country5Ripping Cost$35$7.00$3.50$0.00$10.50$53
Sumps10Recontouring Cost$369$36.90$46.40$0.00$83.30$833
 Linear Feet  ManpowerEquipmentMaterialsCost/Linear Foot 
Trenches900Recontouring Cost$840$0.93$1.71$0.00$2.64$2,379
Cross Country Travel5,000Ripping Cost$200$0.04$0.02$0.00$0.06$300
 Slope Acres  ManpowerEquipmentMaterialsCost/Acre 
Total Disturbance4.98Revegetation Cost$376$75.50 $64.00 $275.00 $414.50$2,063
150 miles Mobilization Mobilization Cost-excavator$417$417.27 $489.83  $907.10 $907
150 miles Mobilization Mobilization Cost-dozer$276$275.52 $380.48  $656.00 $656
Drill Holes Open#/Feet  ManpowerEquipmentMaterialsCost/FootDrill Hole Plugging
Feet of Open Holes - Wet1000Plugging Cost - Wet$1,170$1.17 $2.08 $0.53 $3.78 $3,778
Feet of Open Holes - Dry500Plugging Cost - Dry$237$0.47 $0.22 $0.05 $0.75 $373
Feet of Casing to Pull1000Pulling Casing$1,660$1.66 $4.06 $0.00 $5.72 $5,716
    ManpowerEquipment Mob+Demob 
150 miles Mobilization Mobilization Cost - Wet$720$719.84 $1,279.72  $1,999.56 $2,000
150 miles Mobilization Mobilization Cost - Dry$365$364.91 $196.49  $561.40 $561
Disturbance TypeTotal AcresTotal Linear FeetSlope Acres     
Roads1.964,0002.07    Total Reclamation Cost
Drill Sites1.07 1.11    $22,991
Sumps0.26  0.26     
Trenches0.85 9000.85     
Cross Country0.695,0000.69    Total Labor
total Notice acres4.83 4.98     $8,157
  Insurance    1.5% Labor Cost$122
  Bond*    3% Total Reclamation Cost$0
green cells with blue font is for user input Contractor Profit    10% Total Reclamation Cost$2,299
yellow cells are unit costs Contract Administration    10% Total Reclamation Cost$2,299
 Indirect Costs    21% of Contract Administration Cost$483
* Bond required only if total reclamation cost > $100,000     Total Administration Cost
   Cost per acre   Financial Guarantee 
   $5,842    Amount$28,195
Bureau of Land Management Notice Level Reclamation Cost Estimation Worksheet
Costs for this Notice Level Reclamation Cost Estimator are based on values and assumptions used in the Standardized Reclamation Cost Estimator (SRCE) Version 1.1.1
Cost Data are from October 1, 2006.  This worksheet is simpler than the SRCE and does not allow the flexibility of entering project specific information in some situations. 
The model will generate approximately the same reclamation costs  as the SRCE model if the same inputs and assumptions are applied.   
Below are the methods and assumptions used by this model to generate a Financial Guarantee Amount.
1.  There are two side hill slope categories used for all calculations in this worksheet.  All slopes under 30%(<30%) are assumed to have a slope of 20%.
     All slopes over 30% (>30%) are assumed to have a slope of 40%.
2.  All Roads in this worksheet are assumed to have a 14 foot wide dimension across the flat "driveable" part of the road without any safety berms.
3. All Drill Sites in this worksheet are assumed to be 30 feet wide.  For Drill Sites on slopes <30% they are 70 feet long.  For Drill Sites on slopes >30% they are 83 feet long
4.  All Road and Drill Sites cut banks are assumed to have a 60 degree slope.
5.  All Road and Drill Sites fill slopes are assumed to have an angle of repose of 1.4H:1V or about 70% slope equal to a 35 degree angle.
6.  Roads are linear features and the units required for input to this worksheet are in linear feet. 
7.  Recontouring for reclamation of Roads, Drill Sites, and Sumps is done with a track excavator of a Cat 320C size with a 1.57 CY bucket and productivity of 139 CY per hour.
8.  Equipment operator Manpower cost is based on Davis-Bacon wage rates for Northern Nevada. 
     Area pay= $3.00 per hour, FICA = 7.65%, Unemployment = 3% and Workmans Comp= 10.75%
9.  Laborer cost is based on Davis-Bacon wage rates for Northern Nevada with Area pay = $2.00 per hour, FICA = 7.65%, Unemployment = 3% and Workmen's Comp= 10.75%
10. Revegetation cost is based on the cost of use of a D4 class dozer which scarifies, seeds and drags the seed in on one pass.
11.  Revegetation costs are based on a per acre basis.
12.  Drill Sites recontouring cost is based on a standard pad width and length.  
       Drill Sites on slopes <30%and Cross Country Drill Sites are 30 feet wide by 70 feet long.       
       Drill Sites on slopes >30% are 30 feet wide by 83 feet long.        
       On Cross Country Drill Sites,  the disturbed area is ripped by a Cat D6 size dozer.     
13.  One Sump is assumed for each Drill Site.  The assumed dimensions are 13 feet wide, 30 feet long and 5 feet deep.  
       On Drill Sites <30% slopes they are assumed to be outside the Drill Site. 
        On Drill Sites >30% slopes sumps are assumed to lie within the 30 foot * 83 foot dimension of the Drill Site.
14.  Trenches are assumed to be 300 feet long by 14 feet wide by 5 feet deep.  They are recontoured with a Cat D6 sized dozer assuming a 208 CY/ hour productivity.
15.  Recontouring earthwork for Roads Drill Sites and Sumps has an assumed swell factor of 20%.  Trenches swell factor is 30%.
16.  Cross Country travel is assumed to have a disturbance of 6 feet wide by the linear feet of travel on slopes under 10%.  
       Revegetation costs for all Cross Country disturbance is based on a 12 foot wide seeding width on one pass.
17.  Mobilization and Demobilization are based on 150 miles one way to project and are based on 2006 Vega Construction and Trucking quotes.  
      Travel times are assumed to be 2.73 hours one way to the project.
18.  Mobilization for a Cat 320C excavator will be charged for regrading of Roads, Drill Sites only.  
       If any Trenches or Cross Country travel is included a D6 dozer will be mobilized also.
19.  All projects that propose drilling will require a minimum Drill Holes Open abandonment cost.  
       If a drill hole will not penetrate the static water level it may be abandoned as an  Open Hole - Dry.
        If a drill hole is drilled deeper than the static water level it is considered a wet hole and must be abandoned as an Open Hole - Wet.
20.  Mobilization for Drill Holes - Open for Open Hole - Wet will include one drill rig plus crew and support equipment.
21.  Mobilization for Drill Holes - Open for Open Hole - Dry will include one backhoe and operator, and one general laborer.
22.  Drill Hole Plugging Cost for Open Hole - Wet is based on average time to plug a 1000 ft. 6" Drill Hole (using productivity data from 8 drilling contractors December 2006).
Nevada BLM, June 14, 2007

Last updated: 06-19-2007