Nevada Geothermal Guidance
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Produced as a cooperative effort with members of Nevada's Geothermal Industry


Geothermal Energy Projects Table  

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Nevada BLM Geothermal Roles and Responsibilities and Contact Information

Mineral Lands Leasing Act of February 25, 1920

Mineral Leasing Act 1920-2007.pdf
BLM PEIS on Geothermal Leasing in the Western US October 2008
Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, October 2008
Record of Decision
ROD PEIS 12-2008.pdf  

Code of Federal Regulations  

63 FR 52356 Geothermal Resources Leasing and Operations

72 FR 24358 Geothermal Resource Leasing and Geothermal Resources Unit Agreements

30 CFR Parts 202, 206, 210, 217 and 218 Geothermal Royalty Payments, Direct Use Fees, and Royalty Valuation; Final Rule
30 CFR 2009.html    

40 CFR 1500-1508, 1515 Royalty Environmental Protection and FOIA
40 CFR 1500 2009.html  

43 CFR 2800 ROWs under FLPMA
43 CFR 2800 2009.html 

43 CFR 3000 MMS General 2009
43 CFR 3000 2009.html 

43 CRF 3280 2009 Unit Agreements
43 CFR 3280 2009.html 

43 CFR 3000, 3200, 3280 EPACT Regulation Revision 2007
43 CFR 3200 2007.html 

43 CFR 3200 Regs in use prior to Energy Act
43 CFR 3200 2000.html


Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976


National Environmental Policy Act Web Guide

Information for Publication Standards for EA/EIS/Planning Documents

Geothermal Leasing NEPA Documents

Fluid Mineral Leasing within Six Areas on the Carson City District (January 2009)

Geothermal Resources Leasing in Churchill, Mineral, & Nye Counties, Nevada
http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/fo/carson_city_field/blm_information/nepa/geothermal_leasing.html (May 2008)

BLM Geothermal Resources Operational Orders 1970 

BLM Geothermal Orders 1970 Order 2.pdf   Drilling, Completion, and Spacing of Geothermal Wells 

BLM Geothermal Orders 1970 Order 3.pdf   Plugging and Abandonment of Wells

BLM Geothermal Orders 1970 Order 4.pdf   General Environmental Protection Requirements

Note: Geothermal Resource Orders 1, 5, 6, and 7 have been superceded by other regulations.  Please consult the Code of Federal Regulations above.

BLM Instruction Memorandums

IM 2004-110.pdf   Fluid Mineral Leasing and Related Planning and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Processes April 11, 2004 and August 13.2004

IM 2006-71.html
  Process Improvement for Oil, Gas, Geothermal, Geophysical, and Related Rights-of-Way

IM 2007-021.html
  Integration of Best Management Practices into Application for Permit to Drill Approvals and Associated Rights-of-Way

IM 2008-009.html
  Paleontological Resources       

IM 2008-0032.html
  Exceptions, Waivers, and Modifications of Fluid Minerals Stipulations and Conditions of Approval, and Associated Rights-of-Way Terms and Conditions

IM 2008-068.html
  New and Modified Legacy Rehost 2000 (LR2000) Case Types and Action Codes for Tracking Geothermal Resources Leasing and Operations under the revised Geothermal Leasing regulations and implementation of the National Lease Sale System (NLSS) Public Challenge and Stipulations Modules

IM 2009-022.html
  Geothermal Leasing under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) with Forms

IM 2009-044.html   Supplemental Guidance to 516 Department Manual 11.9 B. Fluid Minerals: Approval of Notice of Intent to Conduct Geophysical Exploration with No Road Construction, by means of Categorical Exclusion.

IM-2009-078.html   Drilling permits for directional drilling into Federal sub-surface from non-Federal surface.

IM-2009-167.html   Visual Resource Management as it applies to Renewable Energy.

IM-NV-2012-009.pdf   Geothermal Exploration Permit Guidance Direction

IM-WO-2013-033.html   Fluid Minerals Operations - Reducing Preventable Causes of Direct Wildlife Mortality

IM-NV-2013-23.pdf   Procedure for Granting Verbal Approvals for Fluid Mineral Permits

IM-NV-2013-24.pdf   Geothermal Permitting
   IM-NV-2013-24-A1.pdf   Attachment 1:  Recommended Information Submittals for Geophysical Exploration Projects
   IM-NV-2013-24-A2.pdf   Attachment 2:  Recommended Project Documentation Submittal for Operations Plan for Exploratory Drilling and Well Testing
   IM-NV-2013-24-A3.pdf   Attachment 3:  Utilization Operations
   IM-NV-2013-24-A4.pdf   Attachment 4:  Surface Use Plan of Operations Plans for Surface Reclamation Conditions of Approval Sample Template
   IM-NV-2013-24-A5.pdf   Attachment 5:  OP/NOI requiring EA Timeline
   IM-NV-2013-24-A6.pdf   Attachment 6:  Timeline for OP and UP with power plant on private lands
   IM-NV-2013-24-A7.pdf   Attachment 7:  Timeline for OP and UP with power plant on Federal lands
   IM-NV-2013-24-A8.pdf   Attachment 8:  General Native American Consultation Letter Sample
   IM-NV-2013-24-A9.pdf   Attachment 9:  Site Specific Native American Consultation Letter Sample

IM-WO-2014-007   Geothermal Diligent Exploration Expenditure Requirement Violations

IM-NV-2014-031.pdf Fluid Mineral Leasing of Lands Adjacent to Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas

Exploration and Development Guidance  

How to Nominate Public Land for a BLM Competitive Lease Sale


Surface Operating Standards and Guidelines

Cooperative Agreements

BLM / FS MOU for Leasing and Permitting 

BLM / NDOM 2006 MOU for Coordination of OGG Permitting and Inspection
MOU NDOM BLM 2006.pdf

NDEP and NDOM Injection Well 2008
Nevada Administrative Code 534A

Nevada Revised Statutes 534A

Nevada Administrative Code 445A Water Pollution Control

Nevada Revised Statutes 445A Water Pollution Control

Documents may be superseded or revised at a later date.

Last updated: 10-02-2014