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To acquire a grazing permit on public lands the applicant must own or control private property that has been recognized as base property.

To obtain a BLM grazing permit an individual must own or control a base property. This typically happens when an existing base property is sold or leased to a new individual. After buying or leasing a base property, the new owner applies to the BLM for the grazing permit attached to the property.

Private land base property ranches are sold and/or leased by an individual contacting a Realtor that specializes in selling ranch properties.

Prior to buying or leasing a ranch property it is advisable to contact the BLM Field Office that administers the grazing permits in the area of the base property. BLM has information on the status of the grazing permit attached to the base property, including the terms and conditions of the grazing permit and other important information.

The owner of a base property must file an application to obtain the grazing permit with the BLM field office. Assuming all the qualifications are met, and that the permit is in good standing, BLM will process the application and award the grazing permit to the new owner/controller of the base property.

Last updated: 11-06-2015