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There are about 45 million acres of public rangelands in Nevada. These rangelands are divided into 745 grazing allotments. There are 550 operators, or permittees, with a total of 635 permits to graze livestock.

Public land grazing is managed to achieve the fundamentals of rangeland health as indicated by soil and site stability, hydrologic function and biotic integrity.

Among the challenges to successfully manage public land grazing are:

Grazing/Allotment Information websites:

  • BLM Rangeland Administration System (RAS) - 
    The RAS provides grazing administrative support and management reports for the BLM and the public. Click 'Run Reports' on the left column.
  • NILS GeoCommunicator -
    To view the allotments and pasture in an interactive mapping environment.

Authorized Animal Unit Months (AUM)

2015 Grazing Fee, Surcharge Rates, and Penalty for Unauthorized Grazing Use
(Grazing Year March 1, 2015 through Feb. 28, 2016)

news release: BLM and Forest Service Announce 2015 Grazing Fees

Grazing Districts in Nevada

Grazing Fees and Distribution Paid to State

History of Public Land Grazing

Involvement of Grazing Permittee/Lessee with 
Solar and Wind Energy Right-of-Way Application 
Process (WO IM 2011-181)

How to Get a Grazing Permit

Livestock Coming onto Private Land

Multiple Use Decision and Appeal Process 

Nevada Allotments, Acres and Operators by District

Range Program Glossary

Range Improvement Investment Fact Sheet

Rangeland Health Assessment

Standards and Guidelines for Livestock Grazing Administration

Taylor Grazing Act and Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA)

Water Rights for Wild Horses and Livestock

Sage Signals: BLM Nevada Range Notes 
A monthly newsletter published by the Nevada Cattlemen's Association.