2008 Nevada IMs

IM-NV-2008-013  Population Census Requirements for Nevada for NV Wild Horse & Burro Herd Management Area

IM-NV-2008-017  Making Wild Horse & Burro Gather Decision Effective Upon Issuance

IM-NV-2008-018  Executive Order 13287 (Preserve America) Data Call

IM-NV-2008-019  Implementation WO-2008-019 Categorical Exclusion Review Requirement

IM-NV-2008-022  Geothermal Drilling Permit (GDP) Processing

IM-NV-2008-022-A1  Geothermal...A1

IM-NV-2008-032  Water Resource Data and Policy for Mining

IM-NV-2008-032-ATT1  Water Resource Guide   

IM-NV-2008-032-ATT2  Table of References

IM-NV-2008-033  Reclamation/Closure Policy for Mining

IM-NV-2008-034  Risk Assessment for Open Pit Mine Lakes

IM-NV-2008-034-ATT1  Table of References

IM-NV-2008-034-ATT2  Benchmark Values

IM-NV-2008-035  Groundwater Modeling for Mining

IM-NV-2008-041  Cultural Resources Management (CRM) Program Annual Report, FY08

IM-2008-041 A1  Cultural...Heritage Education Effort

IM-2008-041 A2  Cultural...Funded CCS Projects

IM-2008-041 A3  Cultural...Heritage Education Effort

IM-2008-041 A4  Cultural...Outlaw Treachery

IM-2008-041 A5  Cultural...Historic Structure

IM-2008-044  Implementing BLM Manual Section 1745 Delegation of Authority for Approvals