2007 Nevada IMs
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IMNV07-002  Nevada Data Standards for LR2000 3809 Notices and Plans of Operation

      IMNV07-002-a1  New 3809 Case Type Notices (18 pgs)

IMNV07-005  Guidance on Native American Monitoring
IMNV07-014  Cultural Resource Protocol Annual Report 
IMNV07-015  Volunteers Working in the Wild Horse and Burro Program
IMNV07-027   Volunteer Agreements
IMNV07-031  Cooperative Shrub-Steppe Restoration Partnership - Healthy Lands Initiative

     MNV07-031-a1  Draft Criteria for HLI Proposals

     IMNV07-031-a2  HLI BPS Project Template

IMNV07-040  FY2008 Proposed Disposals Under Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act (FLTFA) 

      IMNV07-040-a1  Example A: FLTFA Act, NV Policy and Nomination Criteria

      IMNV07-040-a2  Example B: FLTFA Land Disposal Nomination Package Requirements

      IMNV07-040-a3  Example C: Example Nomination Submission

      IMNV07-040-a4  FLTFA Approved Summary Sheet (Excel)

IMNV07-050  Wilderness Boundary Maps

     IMNV07-050 Attachment 1, Eight-Step Process for Preparing Wilderness Maps and Wilderness Legal Boundary Descriptions

     IMNV07-050 Attachment 2, Serialized Wilderness Case File Names and Numbers

     IMNV07-050 Attachment 3, Serialized Wilderness Case File Names and Numbers

     IMNV07-050 Attachment 4, Protocol for Interim Wilderness Boundary Delineation

IMNV07-056  Availability of Revised Bureau Forms

     IMNV07-056 Attachment 1, Form 3809-1 Surface Management Surety Bond

     IMNV07-056 Attachment 2, Form 3809-2 Surface Management Personal Bond

     IMNV07-056 Attachment 3, Form 3809-4 Bond Rider Extending Coverage Bond

     IMNV07-056 Attachment 4, Form 3809-4a Surface Management Personal Bond

     IMNV07-056 Attachment 5, Form 3809-5 Notification Change Operator and Assumption of Past Liability






Last updated: 09-24-2007