2006 Nevada IMs
IMNV06-003  Disposals under the Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act of 2000
IMNV06-004  Making Wild Horse and Burro Decisions under Effective Upon Issuance
IMNV06-006  Nevada Reclamation Performance Bond Pool Coverage for Notice-Level Operations
IMNV06-011  Fully Processed Grazing Permit Renewals; Getting Started
IMNV06-035  Request for Comment on Draft Agreement for Use of Insecticides within Sage Grouse Habitat in Nevada for Mormon Cricket and Grasshopper Suppression
IMNV06-039  Cultural Resources Inventory Needs Assessment (Re-issue of IM 93-017)
 IMNV06-064  Implementation of Section 508 Regulations for the Internet: Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities
IMNV06-067  Authority and Provisions for Land Disposal for Affordable Housing
IMNV06-068  Appeal Statements for Decisions Issued Pursuant to BLM Surface Management Regulations at 43 CFR 3809/3715
IMNV06-072  Drill Hole and Well Abandonment Policy for Activities Approved Under 43 CFR 3809