2005 Nevada IMs
IMNV05-001  Nevada Biomass Utilization Strategy
IMNV05-008  Clarification of Native American Consultation Responsibilities
IMNV05-021  Drill Hole and Well Abandonment Policy in Nevada for Activities Approved Under 43 CFR 3809
IMNV05-032  Guiding Principles for Long-Term (Post-Mining) Trusts under 43 CFR 3809
IMNV05-043  Checklist for SNPLMA Acquisitions – Roles and Responsibilities
IMNV05-053  Wild Horse and Burro Gather and Removal Operations In/Near Designated Wilderness and/or Wilderness Study Areas
IMNV05-055  Submission of 2006 Challenge Cost Share (CCS) Proposals - Submission of 2006 Cooperative Conservation Initiative (CCI)
IMNV05-060  GPS Spatial Data Standard
IMNV05-060c1  GPS Spatial Data Standard – Additional Information (Attachment 1)
IMNV05-061  Corrective Action Plan – Invasive and Noxious Weed Program
IMNV05-062  Management Issues for Lands Acquired by Purchase
IMNV05-063  Nevada BLM 3809 Reclamation Bonding Guidance Update
IMNV05-063a1  BLM Nevada 3809 Reclamation Bonding Guidelines