2004 Nevada IMs
IMNV04-003  Implementation of Utah v. Norton Settlement Regarding Wilderness Study Areas and Consideration of Wilderness Characteristics in Land Use Plans
IMNV04-004  Historic Landscape Management Along National Historic Trails (NHTs)
 IMNV04-006  Determination of the Direct Effects Analysis Area for National Historic Trails (NHTs)
IMNV04-012  Memorandum of Understanding with the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife Concerning Wildlife Management in Nevada BLM Wilderness Areas
IMNV04-020 Issuance of Wild Horse and Burro Decisions under Full Force and Effect 
IMNV04-023  Official Wilderness Maps and Legal Boundary Descriptions
IMNV04-034  BLM Legends Honoree for Great Outdoors Award Ceremony and Great Outdoors Week, June 7-11, 2004
IMNV04-035  Signing of Geothermal Hazards
IMNV04-043  Public Notification of Proposed Actions and Unauthorized Activities Within Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas in Nevada
IMNV04-044  Authority and Provisions for Land Disposal for Affordable Housing
IMNV04-051  Weed Inventory Protocol