IMs and IBs
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Nevada Instruction Memorandums (IM) and Information Bulletins (IB) that are available to the public are listed by fiscal year (Oct. 1 through Sept. 30) in numerical order. IMs and IBs that are for internal use only are not listed.

2014 Instruction Memorandums2014 Information Bulletins
2013 Instruction Memorandums2013 Information Bulletins
2012 Instruction Memorandums2012 Information Bulletins
2011 Instruction Memorandums2011 Information Bulletins
2010 Instruction Memorandums2010 Information Bulletins
2009 Instruction Memorandums2009 Information Bulletins
2008 Instruction Memorandums2008 Information Bulletins
2007 Instruction Memorandums2007 Information Bulletins
2006 Instruction Memorandums2006 Information Bulletins
2005 Instruction Memorandums2005 Information Bulletins
2004 Instruction Memorandums2004 Information Bulletins

What Are Instruction Memorandums and Information Bulletins?

Instruction Memorandums (IMs) and Information Bulletins (IBs) are temporary directives that supplement the Bureau Manual Sections.
Instruction Memorandums:
  • contain new policy or procedures that must reach BLM employees quickly,
  • interpret existing policies or
  • provide one-time instructions
They are issued only when urgency compels release of a directive before the information can be incorporated into a Manual Section or when the issue treated is a one time occurrence.
Information Bulletins disseminate information of interest to BLM employees. They do not contain new BLM policy, procedures, or instructional material. They may:
    • call attention to existing policies or procedures,
    • transmit material such as publications and announcements,
    • require an action or response from BLM officials such as confirming attendance at meetings, commenting on draft documents, or providing requested information.

Last updated: 03-23-2015