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BLM Seeks Public Input on Proposed TransWest Express Transmission Line Project in WY, CO, UT & NV (01-04-11)
Nevada wildland fire vendor workshops scheduled (01-27-11)
Solar Energy Zone Plan Focus of Public Meetings (02-09-11)
BLM Investigates Wild Horse Gunshot Wound (02-10-11)
BLM Offers $10,000 Reward for Info on Wild Horse Shooting (02-11-11)
Antelope Wild Horse Gather Update (02-12-11)
BLM and Western Area Power Admin to host meetings on the proposed TransWest Express Transmission Line Project (02-14-11)
Antelope Wild Horse Gather Suspended Today Due to Wind (02-15-11)
Special Task Force Visits, Evaluates Antelope Wild Horse Gather (02-18-11)
BLM Amends Ruby Pipeline Project (02-25-11)
BLM Concludes Antelope Complex Wild Horse Gather (02-25-11)
BLM to Close Dangerous Mine (03-07-11)
Results of BLM Oil and Gas Sale (03-08-11)
Federal Managers Sign Agreements to Improve Management of Wild/Feral Horses and Burros (03-11-11)
BLM Begins 4 Yr Research Study into Longer-Duration Fertility Control for Wild Horse Mares (3-17-11)
Geothermal Lease Sale Set for March 22 (03-17-11)
BLM Seeks Nominations to Resource Advisory Councils (03-17-11)
BLM Geothermal Sale Nets $456,000 (03-22-11)
BLM Offers $1,500 Reward for Information on Theft of Gov't Property (03-24-11)
Final Results for 2011 Geothermal Sale (03-25-11)
Ruby Pipeline Construction Resumes after Shutdowns (05-12-11)
BLM to Host Public Tours of its Fallon Wild Horse and Burro Facility (05-13-11)
BLM Seeks Second Call for Nominations to RACs (06-09-11)
BLM Draft EIS Available on SNWA Groundwater Development Project ROW (06-10-11)
BLM Offers Lands for Oil and Gas Leasing (06-10-11)
Results of BLM Oil and Gas Sale (06-14-11)
BLM Schedules Public Meetings on Draft EIS for SNWA Groundwater Development Project ROW (07-13-11)
Judge McKibben Rules in Favor of BLM Triple B Wild Horse Gather (07-15-11)
Ninth Circuit Denies Emergency Injunction Allowing BLM Wild Horse Gather (07-19-11)
Ruby Pipeline Starts Delivery of Natural Gas (07-29-11)
BLM Extends Public Comment on Proposed Groundwater Development Project (08-12-11)
Saddle-Trained Horses Available for Adoption as Part of Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo (08-12-11)
Triple B Gather Continues on Schedule (08-13-11)
Salazar Announces $43 Million for Nevada and Lake Tahoe Restoration, Conservation and Recreation Projects (08-16-11)
BLM Reno Office Changes Hours and Closes P.O. Box (08-17-11)
Longest Off-Road Race in US Goes Off Without a Hitch (08-22-11)
13 Wild Horses 1 Burro Find Good Homes During Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo (08-23-11)
BLM Holds Commercial Pine Nut Sale (08-23-11)
Results of BLM Oil and Gas Sale (09-13-11)
BLM to Offer Geothermal Leases in January (11-08-11)
Public Meetings on Supplement to the Draft Solar Programmatic EIS Scheduled (11-14-11)
BLM Defers Parcels due to Sage Grouse Concerns for Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale (12-09-11)
Results of BLM Oil and Gas Sale (12-13-11)
Amendment Issued for Ruby Pipeline Project (12-13-11)
BLM to Close Palomino Valley Center for the Day on Dec. 29 (12-23-11)
BLM Nevada Advisory Councils to Meet in January (12-27-11)
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