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BLM Posts Results of Quarterly Oil and Gas Sale (12-10-08)
Wild horse available to public, conventioneers for adoption as part of Foresters Convention (11-05-08)
BLM Approves Kane Springs Valley Groundwater Development Project (11-24-08)
BLM to Acquire Meadow Valley Mountains Parcels (10-03-08)
Public Land Recreation Fee Meeting (10-03-08)
BLM Resource Advisory Councils to Meet (10-03-08)
Two Nevada horse trainers showcase value of mustangs at Extreme Mustang Makeover (10-10-08)
Pot Garden Seized on Public Land (10-10-08)
BLM Offers Lands for Oil and Gas Leasing (09-08-08)
Tepid Response to BLM Quarterly Oil and Gas Sale (09-09-08)
Yucca Mountain Withdrawal Extension Request (09-12-08)
September Adoption Promotion: Adopt a wild horse or burro for just $25! (09-12-08)
Earning while learning: Girls Scouts to learn about wild horses and burros, earn patch (09-25-08)
BLM Offers Lands for Geothermal Leasing (08-05-08)
BLM Geothermal Sale Nets $28 Million (08-05-08)
First-Ever Extreme Yearling Challenge to Showcase BLMs (08-08-08)
Yearling Makeover a successful part of Wild Horse & Burro Expo (08-26-08)
BLM to gather 275 horses near Gerlach, Nev. (7-11-08)
BLM Finalizes Results of June Oil and Gas Sale (6-11-08)
BLM sees need for emergency wild horse gathers due to drought and overpopulation (6-18-08)
MacArthur Mine reclamation complete (6-24-08)
BLM to Gather 330 Horses Near Lovelock (6-26-08)
BLM to Hold Public Hearing on use of Helicopters, Motorized Vehicles to Manage WH&B (5-13-08)
Extreme Yearling Makeover, Mission:007 (5-15-08)
Draft EIS for Lincoln County Land Act Groundwater Development and Utility Right-of-Way Project available for comment (5-23-08)
Nevada BLM firefighters awarded U.S. Department of the Interior (5-28-08)
BLM Adjusts Estimate of Wild Horse Numbers (4-01-08)
BLM Finalizes Results of March Oil and Gas Sale (3-12-08)
Final Review for Lincoln County Water Pipeline Project (2-08-08)
BLM to Auction Impounded Horses (2-11-08)
BLM Sells Impounded Livestock (2-11-08)
BLM to Hold Second Auction for Impounded Horses (2-21-08)
BLM Solicits Nominations for Resource Advisory Council (2-28-08)
BLM Implements Impound to End Cattle Trespass (1-22-08)
BLM Impounds Horses near McDermitt (1-24-08)
BLM to Auction Impounded Cattle (1-28-08)