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Release Date: 01/28/14
Contacts: Chris Hanefeld , 775-289-1842 ,
News Release No. ELY 2014-014

BLM Encourages Responsible Shed Antler Hunting

Local residents and visitors are combing eastern Nevada’s backcountry in search of deer and elk antlers shed over the winter.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Ely District encourages shed antler hunters to do so only on foot.

Driving trucks or OHVs off open roads and trails damages habitat that deer, elk and other wildlife depend on, says BLM Ely District Wilderness Ranger John Miller.  “Vehicles cut deep tracks in the muddy ground that erodes the soil, reduces the land’s ability to support wildlife; and that can take years to heal,” Miller said.

Miller offered some suggestions that allow hunters to look for antlers without damaging the public lands, stressing animals in the area or being fined for improper motorized vehicle use:

  • Once you arrive at your shed antler hunting area, park your vehicle and hunt for shed antlers on foot.
  • Once you’ve found some antlers, pack them to the nearest road. Then, leave them near the side of the road until you can drive back to pick them up.
  • Search for shed antlers via horseback.

For more information, contact the BLM Ely District Office at (775) 289-1800 or the BLM Caliente Field Office at (775) 726-8100.

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