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Ruby Pipeline Project 

Record of Decision to Amend the Right-of-Way (ROW) Grant, 
Plan of Development and Associated Attachments

After consideration of agency and tribal comments the BLM has decided to make changes to the ROW Grant and the Plan of Development for the project. This Decision includes incorporation of a route variation, developed to avoid sensitive resources. The BLM has also decided to accept an amendment to the Plan of Development to include a Winter Construction Plan, developed to reduce construction impacts to resources during winter weather conditions.

NOTE: The map of documents posted includes some attachments that are not fully 508 compliant. Attachment A, Summit Lake Determination of NEPA Adequacy (DNA) has redacted text due to cultural content. Other documents may contain redacted text to protect sensitive cultural content and reference information.

If you need help in using the data or information here, please contact Mark Mackiewicz at 435-636-3616 or by email at blmruby@blm.gov


Description Detail

Decision to Amend ROW/TUPDocument 
Attachment A

Summit Lake Determination of NEPA Adequacy

Attachment BRuby POD Appendix V Winter Construction Plan
Attachment C

Concurrence Letters 

Attachment DDOI-BLM-NV-W000-2011-001 CX for Winter Construction Plan
Attachment E

Amended ROW Grant

Attachment F

Amended TUP Grant


Last updated: 02-23-2012