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Black Rock–High Rock Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area - Collecting minerals or common invertebrate fossils can be enjoyed almost everywhere in Black Rock-High Rock Country.  Rock and mineral enthusiasts search the hills and canyons for petrified wood, geodes, agates, fossils and many other types of colorful and interesting specimens.

To protect mineral deposits and ensure long-term opportunities for collection, the following regulations apply:

*All rock and mineral collection is limited to 25 lbs/day per/person, with up to one piece for a total of 250 lbs per/year.

*Common invertebrate fossils such as plants, mollusks and trilobites may be collected for personal use in reasonable quantities, but may not be sold or bartered.

*Petrified wood may not be traded or sold without a permit issued by BLM.

*In wilderness areas only surfacing collecting is permitted.Hanging Rock Petrified Forest and the Charles Lund Petrified Forest are closed to collection.

*Vertebrate fossils such as dinosaurs, mammals, fishes, and reptiles, and uncommon invertebrate fossils may be collected only by trained researchers under special permit.

Last updated: 03-18-2008