North Jackson Mountains Wilderness
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Photo of North Jackson Mountains wilderness area

The Wilderness is located in western Humboldt County, 56 miles west of Winnemucca Nevada. The Wilderness can be accessed from Winnemucca by taking the Jungo Road west 35 miles to Bottle Creek Road, and then north along the bottle Creek Road to the Trout Creek Road. The Wilderness can also be reached by taking the Leonard Creek or Bottle Creek Roads south from Highway 140.  
The North Jackson Mountains Wilderness (covering 23,437 acres) consists mainly of a juniper, and sagebrush covered mountain range with rock formations and cliffs of various sizes. Elevations in the Wilderness range from 4,000 feet to the high point of Parrot Peak at 8,400 feet. Deep rugged canyons are laden with aspen, willow and cottonwood groves and a diverse community of riparian vegetation including; snowberry, gooseberry, wild grape and red osier dogwood. Spectacular views to the west of the Black Rock Desert add to the sense of isolation and solitude. The riparian streams in the area provide food, water, and shelter for resident wildlife populations. Several streams support small populations of rainbow trout. Along the streams you may find a variety of wildlife such as; wild horses, mule deer, California bighorn sheep, chukar, mountain lion, and mourning doves.
Recreational Opportunities

Scrambling up Parrot and Deer Creek Peak allow visitors expansive views of the area. Major canyons in the area provide for excellent dayhiking and backpacking opportunities. Hunting for deer, antelope and chukar is popular in the area. Rugged dirt routes that form the boundaries of the Wilderness provide excellent four-wheel driving and mountain biking opportunities.

Map index graphic for the North Jackson Mountains wilderness areaClick here for a map of the North Jackson Mountains Wilderness (932 Kb pdf).

Last updated: 05-14-2008