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Desert Basin Zone (DBZ) Fire Management

Consists of the Battle Mountain and the Winnemucca BLM Districts Fire and Aviation Programs, along with the Bureau of Indian Affair's (BIA), and the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Santa Rosa Ranger District.

  • The BLM’s Winnemucca District is comprised of over 8 million acres of public lands in Pershing, Washoe, Churchill, Lyon and Humboldt counties in north, central and western Nevada. It has suppression responsibility over roughly 10 million acres within the district boundaries to include the HTF-SR and BIA-WNA.
  • The BLM’s Battle Mountain District is comprised of over 10.5 million acres of public land in Lander, Eureka, Nye, Esmeralda and Mineral counties and has suppression responsibility over other federally administered public lands to include the BIA-WNA.
  • Combined into the Desert Basin Zone, the acres of responsibility translate into over 20 million acres of wildland fire protection responsibility.
  • The Zone Fire Management Officer (ZFMO) oversees both fire programs currently serviced by the Central Nevada Interagency Dispatch Center to provide better coordination between the districts.

  • Common mission and purpose allows for better flexibility in prepositioning resources based on fire threat across a greater portion of central and northwest Nevada.

  • Service-First Agreements, such as that, between the HTF-SR and Winnemucca District further align, maximize efficiency, and leverage personnel between the HTF and the DBZ.
  • Coordination is improved between the Winnemucca and Battle Mountain Districts regarding the shared positions in Aviation and Fire Prevention/Mitigation.
  • Firefighting resources and assets can be shared more efficiently between the districts because oversight and direction will be given from the ZFMO.

The Desert Basin Zone maximizes fire management capabilities across a vast portion of central and northwest Nevada. With the creation of the DBZ, on-the-ground resources and the dispatch center will be better aligned with the BLM districts they serve. The ZFMO provides leadership, direction and oversight to the two adjacent, high-performing fire programs, effectively combining the visions and missions of both, into one professional, cohesive, high performing, cost-effective fire management zone. 

All of our Fire Management programs sync and work towards the same goal of sustaining the health and productivity of public lands within the Winnemucca BLM Field Office for present and future generations. We continually strive for these goals through the direction of our vision, and mission statements.

Desert Basin Zone Vision

To inspire the dedication of excellence through the recruitment, retention, mentoring, and development of the highest quality employees through incorporation of innovative plans, facilities, and equipment to achieve desired goals.  Continue to build and foster relationships with our interagency partners and cooperators, leading to the development of the highest quality fire management program achievable.

Desert Basin Zone Mission

To provide the highest levels of service and efficiency to public lands managed across multiple jurisdictions by providing interagency protection of life, property, and natural resources through safe, professional, and dynamic implementation of Fire and Aviation Programs.


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