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Maintaining or Restoring Healthy Ecosystems

The Noxious weeds and Invasive or non-native species program is another important, district-wide responsibility of the Vegetation Management Team.

Woman applying a chemicle weed treatmentThe Winnemucca District Office manages 8,276,113 acres of public lands containing noxious weeds and invasive, non-native species. By controlling these species, the BLM maintains and restores healthy ecosystems. The program utilizes integrated pest management techniques to minimize the establishment and to control non-native invasive species and weeds. For noxious weeds, the BLM uses the USDA Federal Noxious Weeds List in conjunction with the Nevada State Noxious Weed list. From these lists, 47 noxious weed species are identified in Nevada, with around 15 commonly found on lands administered by the BLM, Winnemucca District. Techniques to control invasive species and weeds include; mechanical, chemical, and biological control.  In addition to treatment, the program is proactive in ongoing inventory and monitoring of invasive species and weeds.

The Winnemucca Noxious weeds and Invasive or non-native species program cooperates with many partners when creating strategies for controlling unwanted species. We try to actively coordinate with the U.S. Forest Service, where we share boundaries, along with the Nevada Dept. of Agriculture, Mining companies, Weed Districts, and private land owners whenever possible to effectively treat infestations.

Grasshoppers and Mormon cricket control is another facet of the program. These native, invasive pests can become extremely damaging to ranchers, farmers and home owners. The Nevada Dept. of Agriculture, along with BLM, inventories and treats thousands of acres of public lands each year to control crickets and grasshoppers.

The Forestry program is a small but important responsibility of the Vegetation Management Team. This program oversees forest health and provides sustainable wood harvesting products within designated areas t that support forest stands. Other duties include issuing permits and monitoring the harvesting of firewood and Christmas trees. This program also issues permits for wildland seed collection and the collection of plants and plant materials for a variety of uses, commercial and cultural.

For information on any of these programs, contact the BLM Winnemucca District Office at 775.623.1500

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