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Wildfire Prevention and Education

Preventing wildfires is one of the best ways to keep precious range land from being lost. Winnemucca fire prevention and mitigation is committed to educating the public as well as working to reduce hazardous fuels around the district. 

Defensible Space Displays

The Winnemucca District has a defensible space display located at the Winnemucca Community Garden.  Smokey’s house in the garden showcases defensible space, keeping your above ground propane tank free of weeds, lawn mowed, and surrounded by gravel as well as the place Smokey is often spotted in Winnemucca.  When visiting the Smokey House make sure to look in his mail box for information and fun activities. 

Maintain a Survivable Space - "Things You Can Do Today"

  • Clean roof surfaces and gutters of pine needs, leaves, branches, etc., regularly to avoid accumulation of flammable materials.
  • Remove portions of any tree extending within 10 feet of the flue opening of any stove or chimney.
  • Maintain a screen constructed of non-flammable material over the flue opening of every chimney or stovepipe. Mesh openings of the screen should not exceed 1/4 inch.
  • Landscape vegetation should be spaced so that fire can not be carried to the structure or surrounding vegetation.
  • Remove branches from trees to height of 15 feet.
  • A fuel break should be maintained around all structures.
  • Dispose of stove or fireplace ashes and charcoal briquettes only after soaking them in a metal pail of water.
  • Store gasoline in an approved safety can away from occupied buildings.
  • Propane tanks should be far enough away from buildings for valves to be shut off in case of fire. Keep area clear of flammable vegetation.
  • All combustibles such as firewood, picnic tables, boats, etc. should be kept away from structures.
  • Garden hose should be connected to outlet.
  • Addressing should be indicated at all intersections and on structures.
  • All roads and driveways should be at least 16 feet in width.
  • Have fire tools handy such as: ladder long enough to reach the roof, shovel, rake and bucket for water.
  • Each home should have at least two different entrance and exit routes. 

Fire Prevention and Mitigation Events

  • Kid's Fishing Derby
  • Lion's Club Health and Safety Fair
  • Winnemucca's 4th of July Event
  • Winnemucca Basque Festival 
  • Tri County Fair and Rodeo
  • Holiday Parades
  • 50’s Fever Cruise Nights

Smokey Bear Fun Facts!

  • Smokey was found in a 1950 fire in the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico
  • He lived part of his life in the National Zoo in Washington D.C. He flew there in an airplane from New Mexico
  • Smokey was originally nicknames Hotfoot Teddy because his paws were burned in the fire he was found in
  • Smokey’s birthday is August 9, 1944
  • Smokey the Bear has his own zip code because he receives so much mail: Smokey the Bear Headquarters, Washington, D.C., 20252

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Smokey the Bear with kids

A boy inside the fire truck trying on a fireman's hat.

Fire prevention & education booth


Smokey the Bear with two kids

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