Winnemucca Aviation

Helicopter preparing for a missionThe Winnemucca Aviation program is based at the Winnemucca Municipal Airport.  The Aviation program supports fire suppression activities during the fire season with a full service retardant contract and an air tanker base. During non-suppression activities the program supports wildlife studies and other various missions essential to the operations of the Winnemucca BLM.

Although fire suppression is not the only duty of the aviation program they play a major role during the fire season. By supporting an air tanker base with a full service retardant contract we are able to quickly get fire suppression resource to a fire well before the ground forces arrive. This helps to keep new fires small through early detection and early containment.

Along with initial attack responsibilities the air tanker base is a host BLM Smokejumper base during times of high fire danger.

More information about the Winnemucca Aviation program can be found on the Central Nevada Interagency Dispatch Center’s Air Resources page.


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