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This page provides links to web sites associated with the Winnemucca RMP/EIS. These include BLM web sites and those that relate to the preparation of the EIS.

Related BLM Web Sites

  • Nevada BLM
    The Nevada State BLM web site has links to all BLM offices in Nevada, along with other relevant information about statewide efforts.  www.blm.gov/nv/st/en.html 

Other Related Web Sites

  • National Environmental Policy Act (1969), as amended
    NEPA ensures that agencies (BLM and all other agencies) take environmental factors into account when considering Federal actions. NEPA does not mandate protection of the environment. Instead, it requires agencies to follow a particular process in making decisions and to disclose the information/data that was used to support those decisions. 
  • The Council on Environmental Quality , established by NEPA, regulates implementation of NEPA. 
    (Please note that this link will open a new window outside the BLM web site.)
  • Public Law 94-579: The Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) of 1976 (43 United States Code 1701 et seq.)
    FLPMA was created to establish public land policy; to establish guidelines for its administration; to provide for the management, protection, development, and enhancement of the public lands; and for other purposes. 
    To access various sections of the act, see www.blm.gov/flpma/

Last updated: 06-25-2010