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Winnemucca District Proposed RMP and Final EIS cover

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Through the planning process the following reports were completed to assist in the determination of issues and alternatives:

  • Scoping Summary Report
  • Analysis of Management Situation Summary Reports

Current management is guided by the following Management Framework Plans (MFPs):



Introduction and Record of Decision Record of Decision
Sec.41 - Land Sec.41 - Land
Sec.42 - Minerals Sec.42 - Minerals
Sec.43 - Forest Products Sec.43 - Forest Products
Sec.44 - Range Sec.44 - Range
Sec.44a - Wild Horses Sec. 44a - Wild Horses
Sec.45 - Watershed Sec. 45 - Watershed
Sec.46 - Wildlife Sec.46 - Wildlife
Sec.47 - Recreation Sec.47 - Recreation
Sec.47a - Cultural Sec.47a - Cultural
Sec.48 - Wilderness and Fire Sec.48 - Wilderness and Fire

The MFPs were amended in 1999 by the Paradise-Denio and Sonoma-Gerlach Management Framework Plan Lands Amendment .

The following Programmatic Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) have, in effect, amended the Sonoma-Gerlach and/or Paradise-Denio MFPs: