What is a Resource Management Plan?

Resource Management Plan (RMP)

A RMP is a land use plan that describes broad multiple-use direction for managing public lands administered by the BLM. 

The Federal Land Policy and Management Act (1976) (FLPMA) directs the BLM to develop land use plans that provide for appropriate uses of public land.  Decisions in land use plans guide future land management actions and subsequent site-specific implementation decisions.  The RMP will accomplish the following:

  • Encourages coordination and cooperation with other Federal Agencies, state and local governments. 
  • Establish goals and objectives for resource management and the management actions needed to achieve those goals and objectives;
  • Identify lands that are open and available for certain uses, including any restrictions, and lands that are closed to certain uses; and,
  • Provide comprehensive management direction for, and/or allocate use of, all resources.