Glossary of Terms
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Planning Criteria

Planning criteria provide a framework within which guidelines and standards can be developed for the planning process. They also help to define the scope of the process and to estimate the extent of data collection and analysis required.

Planning Documents

Planning Documents are divided into two categories:  Background documents and Resource Management Plan (RMP) documents.  Background documents are historical documents that have been produced by the Winnemucca District Office and serve as supporting documentation for the RMP.  Examples of these types of documents are the Sonoma-Gerlach Management Framework Plan and the Paradise-Denio Management Framework Plan. 

RMP documents are those that have been produced during the RMP process.  Examples of these documents include the Notice of Intent published in the Federal Register, the Final Scoping Report , and the Analysis of Management Situation (AMS) Summary Reports .

Planning Issues

A planning issue is defined as a matter of controversy, dispute, or general concern over resource management activities, the environment, or land uses.

Public Scoping

Public scoping occurs early in a project and is the process of determining the scope of public concerns, desires, or issues by gathering initial input from a wide variety of sources; including government agencies, tribal organizations, interest groups, and individuals.  This process helps the BLM to better understand the nature and extent of issues and impacts to be addressed in the RMP and the methods by which they will be examined.

Record of Decision (ROD)

A legally binding document that identifies the agency's decision of how it will proceed with the proposed action.

Resource Management Plan (RMP)

A RMP is a land use plan that describes broad multiple-use direction for managing public lands administered by the BLM. 

Last updated: 06-25-2010