News Releases
Apply Now for Summer Firefighter Jobs (12/14/2007)
Outdoor Recreation Courses Being Offered by Nevada Outdoor School (12/10/2007)
Preliminary Environmental Assessment for Blue Mountain Geothermal Development Project Available for Public Review (11/20/2007)
BLM Begins Emergency Stabilization & Rehabilitation Work Near Winnemucca (11/01/2007)
Christmas Tree Permits Available November 16 (11/01/2007)
Public Comments Sought of Goldbanks Project (10-24-2007)
Firewood Permits Available for North-Central Nevada (10-24-2007)
Current Wildfire Situation (10/15/2007)
BLM Seeks Public Input on a Proposed Amendment to the Relief Canyon Mine Plan of Operations (10/12/2007)
Fire Restrictions Lifted for North-Central Nevada Effective October 5 (10/01/2007)
Motorcycle Club Requests Race Permits (09/28/2007)
Volunteers Needed to Help Restore Cabin in High Rock Canyon (09/13/2007)
BLM Completes Environmental Assessment for Geothermal Lease Application Pershing County (09/14/2007)
Burned Areas Will Not be Opened to Wood Cuttingm(08/10/2007)
BLM Seeks Public Comment ON A Proposed Admendment to Relief Canyon Mine Plan of Operations (08/03/2007)
Geodesy Resources LTD, Nick Project Mine (07/27/2007)
Current Wildland Fire Situation (07/18/2007)
Current Wildfire Situation (07/17/2007)
Current Wildland Fire Situation (07/17/2007 10pm)
Current Wildfire Situation (07/07/2007)
Current Wilfire Situation (07/07/2007 6pm)
BLM Selling Three Parcels of Land (06/29/2007)
BLM to Construct Fuel Break at Base of Winnemucca Mountain (06/28/2007)
Fire Restrictions Begin June 29 for North Central Nevada (06/27/2007)
Jersey Valley Geothermal Exploration Project (06/07/2007)
Vandyls Strike as Water Canyon Face Lift Nears Completion (05/30/2007)
What You Can Do to Protect Your Home from Wildfire (05/18/2007)
Students Share Lovelock Cave Adventure (05/09/2007)
Porter Spring Draft Management Plan Available for Public Review & Comment (05/07/2007)
What You Can Do To Protect Your Home From Wildfire
Local Students Share Lovelock Cave Adventure (05/09/2007)
Greenstrip Project Helps Protect Local Residence from Wildfire
Water Canyon To Intermittenly Close to Public Use (04/23/2007)
BLM Seeks Public Comment On Spring Valley Mining Exploration Project (03/19/07)
Release of Reclamation Financial Guarantee for the Rosebud Mine (03/09/07)
Quartzite Mine Near Golconda Approved (03/08/07)
Public Meeting Scheduled to Discuss Limestone Mine Near Rye Patch (01-11-2007)