Project Title
Project Lead
Final Environmental Assessments
None at this time.


Preliminary Environmental Assessments
None at this time.
Categorical Exclusions
* Calico Mountains & Threemile Creek Bighorn Sheep Releases (Available in NEPA Register)Humboldt CountyKathy Cadigan
CX Decision 12/19/13
*Peterman Canyon Bighorn Sheep Release (Available in NEPA Register)Humboldt CountyAmanda DeForest
CX Decision 01/15/13

Determination of NEPA Adequacy

*NDOW Capture of Bighorn Sheep within Wilderness Study Area (Available in NEPA Register) Pahute Peak Wilderness, North Black Rock Range Wilderness, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout ISA WSA’s, and Pine Forest Wilderness/Blue Lakes WSA Kathy Cadigan Decision Record 05/13/13
None at this time.