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Lands with Wilderness Characteristics


The Southern Nevada District, as required under Section 201 of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, is required to conduct and maintain on a continuing basis an inventory of all public lands and their resources and other values. This includes wilderness characteristics, exclusive of Wilderness areas designated by Congress and Wilderness Study Areas pending before Congress.

Managing the wilderness resource is part of the BLM's multiple use mission. Thus, an inventory of wilderness resources on BLM-administered public lands is an important part of our management.

A wilderness characteristics inventory is the process of determining the presence or absence of wilderness characteristics. The wilderness characteristics inventory process does not mean that the Southern Nevada District must conduct a completely new inventory and disregard previous inventory information. Rather, the Southern Nevada District must ensure that its inventory is maintained and determines when it is necessary to conduct a wilderness characteristics inventory.

The BLM conducts the inventory process using the criteria from Section 2(c) of the Wilderness Act to determine the presence or absence of wilderness characteristics, such as:

  • Size: the roadless area has at least 5,000 acres of contiguous public lands or is of sufficient size to make practicable its preservation and use in an unimpaired condition);
  • Naturalness: the area generally appears to have been affected primarily by the forces of nature, and ay work of human beings must be substantially unnoticeable;
  • Outstanding opportunities: the area provides outstanding opportunities for solitude or a primitive and unconfined type of recreation;
  • Supplemental values: the area may also contain ecological, geological, or other features of scientific, educational, scenic or historical value.

Inventory areas that meet the size, naturalness, and the outstanding solitude and/or the outstanding primitive and unconfined recreation criteria are lands with wilderness characteristics. Supplemental values are not required to be present in order for an area to be identified as lands with wilderness characteristics.

As the Southern Nevada District works toward completing wilderness characteristics inventories, the findings will be made public through this page. The preparation and maintenance of the inventory does not, of itself, change or prevent change of the management or use of public lands. The inventory is reviewed and updated as a component of the data that will be used in planning processes for the Southern Nevada District.

To access the findings within each Field Office, click on the linked list of Wilderness Inventory Units, below.

NOTE: No national policy existed for conducting wilderness characteristics inventories prior to 2/25/2011. Therefore, findings denoted with an (*) utilized “Draft Edition H-6300-1-Wilderness Inventory Maintenance in BLM Oregon/Washington” as a template for the inventory process.

Las Vegas Field Office

WIU NV-SN-52-001 McCullough Mountains*

WIU NV-SN-52-002 Mount Stirling East Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-003 Mt. Charleston Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-004 Appaloosa Springs*

WIU NV-SN-52-005 Middle McCullough Mountains*

WIU NV-SN-52-006 Highland Range*

WIU NV-SN-52-007 South McCullough Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-008 Ireteba Peaks Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-009 Arrow Canyon Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-010 Muddy Mountains Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-011 Buffington Pockets*

WIU NV-SN-52-012 Virgin Mountain Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-013 Black Ridge*

WIU NV-SN-52-014 Whitney Pockets West*

WIU NV-SN-52-015 Bitter Ridge*

WIU NV-SN-52-016 Billy Goat Peak*

WIU NV-SN-52-017 Million Hills Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-018 Lime Canyon Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-019 Garrett Buttes*

WIU NV-SN-52-020 Newberry Mountains*

WIU NV-SN-52-021 Eldorado Addition*

WIU NV-SN-52-022 Sunrise Mountain*

WIU NV-SN-52-023 Mormon Mountains*

WIU NV-SN-52-024 Temple Mesa*

WIU NV-SN-52-025 Gold Butte*

Pahrump Field Office

WIU NV-SN-30-002 Last Chance Range*

WIU NV-SN-30-003 Resting Springs Addition*

WIU NV-SN-30-004 Specter Range*

WIU NV-SN-30-005 Mount Stirling West Addition*

Red Rock/Sloan Field Office

Findings have yet to be completed and will be posted in the future.


Policies for lands with wilderness characteristics