Nevada EIS Process & Guidelines
State of Nevada Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Process & Guidelines

Preparation of the EIS will include six stages: 

1. Notice of Intent - The process begins with a Notice of Intent published in the Federal Register

2. Scoping Period - The purpose of scoping is to provide an opportunity for the public to learn about the  project and to share any concerns or comments they may have.  Input from the public scoping process will be used to help BLM identify a range of alternatives that should be considered in the EIS, as well as to identify issues and concerns regarding the various alternatives.  In addition, the scoping process helps identify any issues that are not considered significant and can thereby be eliminated from detailed analysis in the EIS. 

3. Draft EIS - The BLM prepares a Draft EIS and makes it available to the public.  This document generally includes the following:
·         Summary
·         Purpose and need for action
·         Alternatives, including proposed actions
·         Affected environment
·         Environmental consequences
·         Mitigation measures to minimize impacts

The availability of the Draft EIS is announced in the Federal Register through a Notice of Availability (NOA).

4. Draft EIS Public Comment Period - The publication of the NOA in the Federal Register begins the 45-day public comment period for the EIS.  The notice includes specific information about the public comment period, including time frame, public meetings, and information about how comments may be submitted. 
·         Public meetings will be held to review and comment on the Draft EIS

5. Final EIS - After the public comment period, a Final EIS is prepared.  The document includes descriptions of public comments and indicates how the comments were addressed in the Final EIS.  A NOA is posted in the Federal Register announcing the completion and availability of the Final EIS. 

6. Record of Decision - After the Final EIS is published a Record of Decision (ROD) describing the BLM's decision regarding the proposed action is signed. The ROD is announced in a Notice of Availability (NOA) in the Federal Register