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Southern Nevada Renewable Energy Map
#5- Pacific Solar Investment's PSI Amargosa PV Solar Project (NVN-084465) #16- Element Power's Paiute Valley Project (NVN-089656) #14-Solar Millenium's 250 CSP Trough (NVN-087756) #2- STA Development's Amargosa Farm Road Solar Project (NVN-084359) #4-Abengoa Solar Inc.'s Lathrop Wells Solar Project (NVN-086571) #19- Element Power's Paiute Valley Project (NVN-089659) #7- Southwest Solar Land Co.'s South Solar Ridge Solar Project (NVN-086782) #13- Gasna 39 Solar Project (NVN-089560) #15- Element Power's PV Project (NVN-089655) #10- Bright Source's Sandy Valley Solar Project (NVN-090476) #5-Pacific Solar Investment's PSI Amargodsa PV Solar Project Amendment (NVN-084465) #21- Table Mountain Wind Project (NVN-073726) #17- Element Power's PV Project (NVN-089657) #18- Element Power's PV Project (NVN-089658) #3-Silver State South Solar Project (NVN-089530 & NVN-085801) #1- Silver State North Solar Project (NVN-085077) #26-Copper Mountain III Transmission Project (NVN-089424) #22-Oak Creek Energy System's Castle Mountain Searchlight Wind TEST Project (NVN-082729) #24- Great Basin Wind Energy's South Paiute Valley Wind TEST Project (NVN-086300) #20- Duke Energy's Searchlight Wind Project (NVN-084626) #6- First Solar's Desert Springs Solar Project (NVN-084232) #9- NV Power's Dry Lake Valley Solar Project (NVN-084052) #8-Enxco's Edge Soleil Solar Project (NVN-086159) #12- Bright Source Energy's Apex/North East LV Solar Project (NVN-084631) #11- Bright Source Energy's Mormon Mesa (NVN-083914) #23- Pacific Wind Development's Flat Top Mesa Wind TEST Project (NVN-087970) Proposed Solar Energy Zone Southern Nevada Renewable Energy Projects Chart #27- RETCO's Solar Express (NVN-088503) #29-Valley Electric Association's Hidden Hills Transmission Project (NVN-089669 #25-Great Basin/NV Power's On-Line/SWIP (NVN-085210) #28- K-Road Moapa Solar Transmission Line (NVN-089176) #31-Techron Solar's Transmission Line (NVN-090395)


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