K-Road Moapa Solar Project (NVN-089176)*
Federal Process and Documents

*The K-Road Moapa Solar Project is proposed for development on Tribal Lands of the Moapa River Indian Reservation.  Application NVN-089176 is a Right-of -Way application for a transmission line on federal land that will connect to the K-Road Moapa Solar Project on Tribal Land.  

The Bureau of Indian Affiars (BIA), is the lead agency responsible for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is being prepared by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) as Lead Agency.  The Moapa Band of Paiute Indians (Tribe), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), and the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) are cooperating agencies, intended to gather information necessary for preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed K-Road Moapa Solar Generation Facility on the Moapa River Indian Reservation, Clark County, Nevada.

The following diagram shows the current progress for this proposed project with links
 to applicable project-related documents. The colored bar in the center indicates the
 items that have been completed or are currently underway.


Federal Coordination Process

- Right-of-Way Grant

Record of Decision -  
  Notice of Availability of Final EIS

  Publication of Final EIS -

  - Public Comment Period
Notice of Availability of Draft EIS -  
  Publication of Draft EIS
Public Scoping Meetings-  
  -Notice of Intent


Project Fact Sheet
Project Map

Announcements & Documents

Notice of Intent

Published by BIA in Federal Register, 02/04/2011
Interested Party Notice of Intent, 02/15/2011
Scoping comment period ended March 7, 2011

Notice of Availability of Draft EIS

Published by EPA in Federal Register, 11/25/2011
Published by BIA in Federal Register, 11/25/2011
Interested Party NOA Letter, 11/28/2011

Public Comments Received 

Public Meetings 12/15/2011 & 12/16/2011
Public comment period ended January 9, 2012

Notice of Availability of Final EIS

Published by EPA in Federal Register, 03/16/2012
Published by BIA in Federal Register, 03/16/2012

Notice of Availability of Record of Decision

DOI Press Release, 06/21/2012

Decision & Authorization Documents

Record of Decision

Record of Decision , 06/21/2012

Environmental Documents

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Final Environmental Impact Statement  

Additional Resources

K-Road Moapa Solar Project

Bureau of Indian Affairs website
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Policy and Guidance
Understanding the NEPA Process
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For more information or comments regarding the solar facility for the K-Road Moapa Solar Project, please contact The Bureau of Indian Affairs.

For more information or comments regarding the transmission line for the K-Road Moapa Solar Project, please contact Greg Helseth at:

BLM, Las Vegas Field Office
Attn:  Greg Helseth
Renewable Energy Project Manager
4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, NV  89130

Email: ghelseth@blm.gov 
Phone: 702-515-5173
Fax: 702-515-5023