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Report Dumping

Do your part, and report littering and dumping. Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

1. DO NOT engage the dumper: don’t yell, reprimand or state your intention to tell the authorities. You don’t want to get yourself in a bad situation!
2. DO take down all pertinent information: the incident date and time, license plate number, vehicle description, incident location, description of the dumper, the material dumped and any other details you think may help.
3. DO tell a local official: Third party littering websites are not monitored by officials and won’t help catch those involved.

Reporting illegal littering and dumping sites helps officials build a case, which can lead to citations and fines. Knowing where people go to dump trash can help organizations protect and clean up littering sites. But if no one reports seeing anything, no one can help. The offender won’t ever have to face the consequences, and the public gets stuck with the bill. Do your part, and report littering in Nevada!

Use the following information to make sure your report gets to the right place:

Southern Nevada

If the dumping occurred on federal lands, call the Interagency Non-Emergency Dispatch: 702-293-8998.

If you’re not sure whose land it is, please call the Southern Nevada Health District at (702) 759-0600, or check out the following links:

Report Littering in Las Vegas
(702) 229-6615

Clark County Illegal Dumping Complaint Form
(Southern Nevada Health District) (702) 759-0600

Henderson Code Enforcement
(702) 267-3950

City of North Las Vegas Code Enforcement
(702) 633-1677