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Litter Facts
What are the major sources of litter on your Southern Nevada public lands?
·         Dumped landscape and construction waste
·         Left behind target shooting debris
·         Trash abandoned by nearby private landowners
·         Windblown garbage

How long does litter last?

That soda can by the side of the road. That cigarette butt you came across on the hiking trail. How long will they remain if nobody picks them up? You’d be shocked. And hopefully, you’ll be inspired to clean up (or, best of all, never litter in the first place).
  • Food Leftovers: 2 years
    Banana peels, apple cores and sandwich bits are still litter. While technically they’re biodegradable, it takes a long time, and until then they are still trash like anything else.
  • Cigarette butt: 5 years
    You’ve seen them being flung out a car window. They don’t just get sucked away into thin air. They stick around, and over time, end up in the storm drains and into Lake Mead.
  • Plastic shopping bag: 10 – 20 years
    These things are everywhere. And they don’t grow on creosote bushes. Cut down on the number in our environment and take reusable bags to the store.
  • Leather: 50 years
    Seriously. We’ve come across discarded jackets in the wild. Not cool.
  • Aluminum cans: 500 years
    This one’s a surprise, isn’t it?
  • Disposable diaper: 500 years
    Do you really want your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granchild coming across her ancestor’s … never mind. It’s too gross to contemplate.
  • Plastic bottle, styrofoam and glass: Pretty much forever
    Start counting. Don’t stop. Ever. That’s another way of saying “forever.” Recycle, recycle, recycle.