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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area - Special Recreation Permits

Special Recreation Permits (SRP) are authorizations which allow specified recreational uses of the public lands.  They are issued as a means to manage visitor use, protect natural and cultural resources, and provide a mechanism to accommodate commercial, competitive, and organized group recreational activities.

Types of Special Recreation Permits

Commercial Use: Commercial use is defined as recreational use of the public lands for business or financial gain. When any person, group or organization makes or attempts to make a profit, receive money, amortize equipment, or obtain goods or services, as compensation from participants in recreational activities occurring on public lands, the use is considered commercial.

Examples of commercial recreational use include but are not limited to any fund-raising activities, guided tours (hiking, biking, horseback riding, OHV, rock climbing, etc.), weddings, outfitters and guides, yoga classes, and painting classes.

Vending: Vending means selling or renting recreation related goods or services such as firewood, equipment repair, shuttles, rentals, etc. on the public lands.

Examples of vending recreational use include but are not limited to firewood sales in a BLM campground, the sale of food and products at competitive events, and catering and photography associated with wedding events.

race at Red RockCompetitive Use: Competitive use means any organized, sanctioned, or structured use, event, or activity on public land in which two or more contestants compete and any of the following elements apply:

1. Participants register, enter, or complete an application for the event; or 
2. A predetermined course or area is designated. It also means one or more individuals contesting an established record such as speed or endurance.

Examples of competitive recreational use include but are not limited to foot races, mountain bike races, poker runs, and horse endurance rides.

Organized Group Activity or Event: Organized group activity or event means a structured, ordered, consolidated, or scheduled event on, or occupation of, public lands for the purpose of recreational use that is not commercial or competitive, and which BLM has determined needs a special recreation permit.

To determine if an SRP is required for a particular group, the authorized officer will evaluate a proposal using the following criteria:

1. Will the event create conflicts with other users?
2. Will the event cause resource damage?
3. Will the event be inconsistent with BLM recreation management objectives?
4. Will the event create unacceptable risk to public health and safety?

If the answer to all of these questions is "no," the authorized officer may determine that the event does not require an SRP. If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" and the activity requires additional management, a permit may be needed. If an organized group permit is not required, a Letter of Agreement may be issued at no charge to the organized group.

Examples of organized group activity or event recreational use include but are not limited to large group hikes, rides, family reunions and picnics

How to Apply for a Special Recreation Permit 
First time SRP applicants are required to meet with an Outdoor Recreation Planner prior to submitting an application. This coordination meeting will ensure a complete SRP application is submitted and will help avoid unnecessary time delays and costs. The coordination meeting should occur not less than 30 days before the applicationis due for submission. See information below.

SRP applications are due 180 days prior to the proposed use, unless waived by the BLM Authorized Officer. The 180 day requirement may be waived if the proposed activity has current environmental analysis and clearances and if sufficient staff is available to process the application and monitor the proposed activity. 

A complete SRP application contains:

1. A signed and completed Special Recreation Permit Application. (Special Recreation Permit Application)
2. A map of the proposed activity.
3. A signed and completed operating plan.
4. A letter or permit granting permission to use private or other agency land.
5. Any required Federal, State, or local licenses (county permits, health permits, business license, etc.).
To make an informed decision regarding your application, we may require additional information regarding your proposed activity. Note: Submitting a completed SRP application does not guarantee that a permit will be issued.

Insurance Requirements  
A property damage, personal injury, and public liability insurance policy is required of all commercial and competitive use permit holders and may be required for vending or organized group activities. A copy of the insurance certificate with must be provided to the BLM a minimum 30 of days prior to the permitted activity.

Commercial use fees are 3% of gross receipts or the $105 minimum annual fee, whichever is greater. Competitive use fees are $5 per person per day, 3% of gross receipts, or the $105 minimum annual fee, whichever is greater. Organized use fees are $5 per person per day or the $100 annual minimum fee, whichever is greater.

If more than 50 hours of BLM staff time is required for processing a permit, cost recovery of all direct expenses related to processing the permit will be charged to the applicant.  If the BLM anticipates that the 50 hour threshold will be exceeded then cost recovery will begin immediately.

Please contact the Red Rock/Sloan Field Office at (702) 515-5350 if you have any further questions regarding Special Recreation Permits or if you would like to hold a pre-application conference.


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