Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Resource Management Plan

Record of Decision

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need for RMP

Chapter 2 - Introduction of Alternatives

Chapter 2 - Biodiversity Alternatives 

Chapter 2 - Recreation Alternatives

Chapter 2 - Cultural Resources and Native American Concerns and Additional Management Considerations

Chapter 2 - SOP and Implementation and Monitoring Alternatives

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment 

Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences/Cumulative Effects

Chapter 5 - Consultation and Coordination 

Map - Appendix Comparison Summary of Alternatives

Map - Chapter 1:  Vicinity Map

Map - Chapter 2:  Alternative maps

Map -  Chapter 2:  Alternative hiking and roads maps ( M11&M15)

Map - Chapter 3:  Existing Environment

Map - Appendices:  Existing Dirt Roads

Appendix - Biological Data

Appendix - Legislation

Appendix - Other Information

Comparison Summary of Alternatives


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