Arrow Canyon Wilderness Area
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Arrow Canyon Wilderness Map

27,530 acres

 Location: 35 miles north of Las Vegas

Terrain: The Arrow Canyon Wilderness contains three distinct land forms. The west side is a spectacular cliff face, several thousand feet high, marked by a distinctive dark gray band of limestone arcing across the length of the range. The north-central portion of the wilderness area contains a wide valley cut by numerous washes, while the east side is characterized by a series of deep washes, including the nearly vertical sides of Arrow Canyon. Arrow Canyon is several miles long and is confined between sheer canyon walls. The canyon is so deep and narrow in places that sunlight rarely reaches the bottom.

Habitat Type: Southern desert shrub and creosote bush scrub communities occur throughout the area. Mesquite/catclaw occurs in the northern portion and ash trees are found in the canyon bottom.

Special Features:

• Fossil corals, mollusks, brachiopods and other specimens are found in the area

• Petroglyph panels, rock alignments and numerous other cultural resource features

• Bighorn sheep inhabit the mountainous portions of the wilderness

Last updated: 06-29-2007