North McCullough Wilderness Area
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North McCullough Wilderness Map

North McCullough Wilderness Management Plan

North McCullough Interpretive Strategy & Environmental Education

14,763 acres

 Location: 15 miles south of Las Vegas

Terrain: The wilderness area contains the northern portion of the McCullough Range. Elevation span from 2000 feet at the eastern base of the range to 5,092 feet at Black Mountain. The peaks are volcanic in origin, rounded to flat-topped, and have a steep eastern escarpment and a gradual western slope.

Habitat Type: The area supports a unique combination of plants from the Mohave and Sonoran deserts and Great Basin ecosystems. The primary vegetation is a creosote bush community with barrel cactus, Joshua trees, cholla and prickly pear.

 Special Features:

• The wilderness area is within the newly-designated Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

• Unlike other mountain ranges in Clark County, the McCullough Range is volcanic in origin. Examples of lava flows, ash falls and glassy zones are clearly visible.

• The area supports black gramma grass, which is not known to occur anywhere else in Nevada and stands of teddy bear cholla, which is the northernmost extent of the species.

• Remarkable petroglyph panels and other important cultural resource features occur within the wilderness area.

Last updated: 07-08-2009