Lime Canyon Wilderness Area
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Lime Canyon Wilderness Map

23,233 acres

Location: 45 miles east of Las Vegas

Access: Lake Mead National Recreation Area borders the west side of the area. Gold Butte Wash and the Gold Butte Byway forms the eastern boundary. Quail Spring Wash Road abuts the southern boundary for 2.5 miles.

Terrain: The wilderness area contains rugged drainages, gently rolling hills, two paralleling ridges, a narrow canyon and several wide, sandy washes. Faulting and erosion have exposed a variety of sediment deposits throughout the area. The highest elevation in the area is 4,406 feet.

Habitat Type: Vegetation is typical of the Mohave Desert and includes cacti, creosote bush and scattered communities of Joshua trees and yucca plants.


Special Features:

• Lime Ridge and Line Canyon are scenic and geologically interesting.

• The area offers outstanding vistas of Lake Mead and the Muddy Mountains to the south and west.

• Several sensitive plant species occur in the area, including Las Vega bearpoppy, threecorner milkvetch and Gold Butte moss.

Last updated: 06-29-2007