La Madre Wilderness Area
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La Madre Wilderness Area Map

47,180 acres


Location: 12 miles west of Las Vegas

Access: The Red Rock Scenic Loop Drive approaches the wilderness area from the east.

Terrain: The area contains a rugged complex of canyons, ridges and mountain peaks. LaMadre Mountain dominates the area with spectacular cliffs and steep canyons occurring on its southeast flanks. Elevations range from 3,600 feet in Brownstone Basin to 9,600 feet at La Madre Mountain.

Habitat Type: The large variation in elevation (6,000 feet) provides for a variety of plant communities, ranging from South Mohave Desert shrub, to juniper-pinyon woodland, to subalpine communities of white fir and ponderosa pine.


Special Features:

• The area is highly scenic and offers excellent views of classic basin and range formations.

• The Keystone thrust formation above Brownstone Basin, where older limestone has been pushed over younger sandstone, is internationally regarded as the single finest example of a thrust fault.

• The area contains crucial summer habitat for bighorn sheep. A small herd of elk also use the area.

• Prehistoric sites occur throughout the area and include pictographs and petroglyphs, agave roasting pits and rock shelters. Brownstone Canyon is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Last updated: 06-29-2007