Ireteba Peaks Wilderness Area
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Irberta Peaks Wilderness Area

32,745 acres


Location: 50 miles south of Las Vegas, Nevada

Terrain: This area includes a portion of the Eldorado Mountains, with gentle rolling hills and outwashes extending to Lake Mohave in that portion within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Rugged mountains, secluded valleys and flat alluvial fans provide opportunities for seclusion and isolation in a setting of scenic splendor.

Habitat Type: Creosote bush scrub with low-desert shrubs and grasses, including yucca, cholla, desert willow and a variety of cacti and scattered juniper and pinyon at higher elevations.

Special Features:

• The area contains isolated washes and ridges which offer solitude and grand views.

• Water is scarce and the summer temperatures can reach 120 degrees.

• Archeological resources in the area include petroglyphs and one of the few pictograph sites in the area.

• Bighorn sheep, coyotes and jackrabbits inhabit the area.

• Reptiles found in the area include, side-blotched lizard, rattlesnakes and desert tortoise.

Last updated: 06-29-2007